E3 2015 At A Glance: Everyone is A Winner This Year

E3 this year was a massive success on multiple fronts where there were multiple winners: Developers, Publishers and more importantly Gamers all got their desired outcome at this year's E3.

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Maltaze1271d ago

Even though Sony had an edge,gamers generally just won this E3 due to the amount of competition between all the stakeholders, just my 2 cents ;)

Rimeskeem1271d ago

As someone who owns both the Xbox One and PS4 I can say that I was extremely grateful for what occurred during thing E3.

Jaqen_Hghar1271d ago

Sony dropped 3 gaming miracles like Mary in the manger popping out triplets. A man couldn't believe that 3 of the top 5 requested games of all time (HL3 and Legend of Dragoon are the other two that come to mind when a man thinks of most requested) were announced in ONE conference! That's like...there's nothing to compare it to in any other medium of anything! A man NEVER thought he'd see FF7 remake after that trolling at PSX and Shenmue 3 wasn't even a possibility. TLG to have full gameplay!? WHAT!? Those 3 alone could've done it for new game announcements then you throw in Horizon and Dreams on top of an awesome BF demo (convinced a man to pre-order) and the huge COD swing (from a business perspective). Uncharted looked amazing. Hell people almost forgot that they announced the first a la carte TV subscription in history which a man will definitely be looking into (since he only watches a couple channels anyway and has PS+). It was the first 10/10 conference for a man EVER! Even Sony's 2013 had its lows but this one was just dreams coming true. Hell just watch the GT reaction or go on the neogaf threads or look at the Shenmue kickstarter numbers lol