Fils-Aime: Nintendo is always thinking games, it doesn't sell TVs or operating systems

Last month, I wrote that Nintendo should kill off the console. Not the idea of video game consoles in general, but the business model and concept of video game consoles as we see them today and as they were conceived decades ago.

The reaction to that thought was, for the most part, overwhelmingly negative.

But I couldn't leave it alone, so when I sat down to chat with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime at E3 last week I had to ask him his thoughts. Specifically, I wanted to know not only what he thought of my premise that consoles had evolved past a lot of the things they were designed to fix and continue to do in their current form, but more importantly, that I suspect Nintendo's NX project will be that big leap to a new form of console gaming.

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Activemessiah1270d ago

They need a PR guy that handles talking.... obviously not Don Mattrick.

TheColbertinator1270d ago

Don't Mattrick would defend Nintendo to the point of bankruptcy

Army_of_Darkness1270d ago

Nintendo always thinking about games, yet they seem too have the least games available on their console out of the 3...hmmm.. They still must be "just thinking" about them still lol!

Utalkin2me1270d ago

Thats great Nintendo is always thinking games. How about you all make some of those games you're thinking?

morganfell1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


At Howard, Howard, and Fine they think about games 25/7...and obviously that thinking makes their head hurt.

freshslicepizza1270d ago

as a console market nintendo needs to ask themselves why, aside from the wii, is the market retracting for them?

they talk about this is all they know and they are constantly looking ahead yet they don't increase their marketshare. in fact it's decreasing and part of it is due to not getting outside support from developers. this bad relations dates way back to the 80's.

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AngelicIceDiamond1270d ago

Well now we know Nintendo's next console OS won't be up to par once again.

thehobbyist1270d ago

Dear god Nintendo OS, never before has it taken me 10 minutes to download a game update.

christian hour1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I'm really surprised Reggie is still around, he always comes off completely out of touch, rarely compliments the competition and acts like a smug immature brat.

I mean does he really think the fact that microsoft also deals in corporate server infrastructure, opearting systems etc that it somehow effects the xbox team? The people workign in those other sectors of Microsoft are not also working on the xbox and have to shuffle their responsibilities. MS has enough money to go around to keep every side of the company running at full steam.

Same goes for sony, you think the R&D folk working on tvs etc are hindering the playstation team? Not at all. This statement can only come from someone who either has no idea how the competition operates, or knows that the masses may not understand this and so use a cheap jab like this to somehow restore faith in Nintendo.

You've lost touch with your consumer base and you are relying too heavily on nostalgia. There's been a decline in the companys reputation post gamecube, and I'd love to see them return to that form. I still play my gamecube to this day, I still play wind waker and the resi remake/zero to this day (not the wii u version with its horrible bloom lighting that ruined the aesthetic of course).

I'm gonna boot up and play Pikmin for a while, and ignore what I just read.

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Ark_1270d ago

What is upsetting me is, that these articles take a sentence out of context and spin it into a "story" ...

I recommend to read the original sources. It has a very different tone, than what's made out of it.

pcz1269d ago

''Fils-Aime: Nintendo is always thinking games, it doesn't sell TVs or operating systems''

which makes it even more astonishing that they have so few games. their entire purpose for existing is to make games, and yet here we are upset because they have nothing substantial to show.

it should also be their business to create strong relationships with 3rd parties to ensure their hardware has games even if they cant fill the release schedule themselves. but hey, what do i know, im just a stupid consumer.

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curtis921270d ago

They can add consoles to the list of things they're not selling, too.

OT: If they could think a little harder about games and less about Amiibos that'd be great.

lockedongamer11270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

And yet they rehash the same franchises over and over again every console generation with very few new IP. Splatoon looks awesome, but how many times did we see Mario characters in that E3 Nintendo Direct? 5 times.

There are exceptions for new IP for this generation including Codename: Steam and Yokai Watch as well, but 3 new Mario games, Yoshi's Wooly World, and DK/Bowser in Skylanders in one E3 Nintendo Direct alone is way too much Mario for me.

TheColbertinator1270d ago

All right Nintendo just shut up. Release the new Zelda and move on to the NX

deadpoolio3161270d ago

The Zelda game will release, next year when the NX launches...Maybe and it would be stupid, they will do a Wii U port like they did with Twilight Princess. Looks like this Nintendo gen will be the first to release a new console without ever releasing a NEW Zelda on their old console..

Angeljuice1270d ago

Sitting in a gutter slinging mud at the skyscrapers again Reggie?

This guy has no clue and no class.

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