Mortal Kombat vs. DC: Liu Kang is alive and kicking has published a render of Liu Kang from the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game. The legendary fighter seems perfectly alive again...

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Rob0g0rilla3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Well, for me anyways.

RemmM3766d ago

Hes been killed in MK4, then MK Deception I think?

MK_Red3766d ago

He is not revived. This game is non-canon. Neither Batman or Scorpion are gonna have this game as part of their story. So, Liu Kang is just Liu from MK3 and others are from some unique time. MK chars are from MK1 to 4 and DC ones are from 70s to 80s comics.

juuken3766d ago


Wasn't he dead?

ChickeyCantor3766d ago

Remember this is not Mortal Kombat 8.
That one was put on hold/cancled(not sure which one) and made this mortal kombat game.

juuken3766d ago


I forgot. o_o

gamerosity3766d ago

He was pretty dead. But in this game, not only are they merging into another universe, they're going back in time, which is why Liu Kang is alive and Scorpion only remembers how to do his MK1 fatality :)

haphilli3766d ago

they did away with fatalities.But in the E3 trailer Scorpions is getting ready to light Flash's ass on fire. I think they are really stretching to make this their Marvel vs Capcom.

Andras843766d ago

Not a zombie...yeeee!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.