Rumor: Here's Why Attendees Could Not Hold the Yarn Yoshi Amiibo at E3

"Although the Yarn Yoshi amiibo were available to view and touch at this year's E3, Nintendo did not allow attendees to hold amiibo in their hands, or see the bottom of the Yarn Yoshi amiibo. Many of those that wanted to hold the amiibo were rather perplexed by Nintendo's decision. According to one of our sources, we now know why this decision was made" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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leahcim1151d ago

Amiibo is the last thing that I want from nintendo!

Please Nintendo stop this charade I want more new AAA Marios, More proper Metroids game, a full fledged AAA Kid Icarus, you have your "unique ips" loved by the entire world!

Amiibos are not games my god! And you ask yourself why are you sinking so fast... Amiibos are one of the main reasons

wonderfulmonkeyman1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Yeesh, would you stop?
Amiibo's are not holding back production of games.
They aren't assigning their game developers like Monolith to make these things, their bonuses aren't such a necessity in the games that you can't ignore them if you hate them, and to top it off, they're making Nintendo profits that will likely feed into the NX's development, as well as new games for the remaining two years of the Wii U's life.

Amiibo's aren't sinking Nintendo.
One only has to look at profits and demand to know that it's quite the opposite.
You're making a big deal out of this when, obviously, you don't even care about them let alone want them.

Instead of going on a rant over something that doesn't concern you, why don't you try writing a sensible article with lots of well-written points detailing why Nintendo should stop being so against voice chat in many games, and why they should put both that and online MP in Star Fox?

At least those are things worth complaining about.

Twill_1151d ago

Why would Amiibos be the cause of them sinking? Amiibos are huge money makers for them. You act as if Nintendo was like "DURRR! We're gonna make a Metroid Soccer game because my Samus Amiibo told me to."

godmachine1151d ago

its sad when the only nintendo related news is about more amiibos.not killer new wii u games...absolutely done buying amiibos . theyre not very useful...make a real game that uses the gamepad as a worthy interface already