Sony Pictures Project Morpheus Collaboration Revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), Sony Pictures Entertainment, and IMAX Corporation have today announced a collaboration on a new virtual reality (VR) experience, Can You Walk the Walk?. Putting you right out onto a high-wire walk between the towers of the World Trade Center in 1974, the demo will be presented on Project Morpheus as a promotional activity for the forthcoming Joseph Gordon-Levitt motion-picture, The Walk.

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Eonjay974d ago

I wonder if the sense of height is accurately portrayed. I know so people who are really afraid of height and this thing would give them a heart attack lol.

Immorals974d ago

My mum has vertigo. I'll try it out on her!

Mega24974d ago

Wow, such on evil son. Let us know how it goes lol.

S2Killinit974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

Your mom must love you very much.

that experience would be insane though. On the bright side, if you could adjust the hight level, you could actually cure vertigo by desensitization.

Horyzon974d ago

Very Good. I hope we can use the PS4 UI on Project Morpheus to watch movies and series in a 100 inch like screen.

WizzroSupreme974d ago

Wow. That'd be a sight to see in VR.

UltraNova973d ago

How about simulating a 50,000 ft free fall with a wing suit?

How about simulating an astronaut while fixing the external panel on his spaceship with Earth on the background ala Gravity?

How about being Superman flying around a huge open world at incredible speeds?

VR has such a tremendous potential its scary to even think about the possibilities. (and I haven't even mentioned games yet!)

WeAreLegion974d ago

Sweet! I need more of this!

amnalehu974d ago

IMAX at home! I hope they also ad live sporting events like the World series, super bowl etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.