Proof that this year's Steam Summer Sale is the worst we've seen yet

GameZone's Mike Splechta, "Every year, PC gamers look forward to the Steam Summer Sale as a way to grow their library of PC games with titles they might have missed or waited on, as they're generally at a fraction of the price. Events like the Summer Sale, or various Holiday Sales that last for about a week, and discount everything from AAA titles to indie games by a hefty percentage are part of what makes PC gaming so great. However, this year's Steam Summer Sale was easily the worst, and I can safely say that being purely objective."

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NovusTerminus1156d ago

This was kind of disappointing for a Summer Sale, I only grabbed 2 games through it. Metal Gear Rising and Resident Evil 6, Both games I have played and beaten before, but wanted again because I did enjoy them. But compared to last years were I bought like... 12 games, this one was very underwhelming.

On the subject of RE6, it was a fun game, but a very bad Resident Evil.

dreamed1156d ago

Yeah re6 was a great 3rd person coop shooter,but the worst resi game ever made.

Testfire1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Operation Raccoon City is the worst RE game ever made, followed by RE6.

NovusTerminus1156d ago

Nah, Dead Aim, Gaiden and Survivors still exists...

But overall I agree with you.

3-4-51156d ago

Last 2 years were better, in that there would be a ton of $40-60 games that were $10-20.

Those games this summer were mostly like 10-20% off, so they were still like $40.

HighResHero1156d ago

The GOG summer sale was pretty darn good and I even got a free game. I missed the deadline on Steam anyway.

Magicite1156d ago

I bought some indies and Left 4 dead 2, there were no significant discounts for games I really wanted.

traumadisaster1156d ago

I bought a dozen games, it depends on where the player is currently with the backlog. When my backlog was 500 years I bought through the year.

now it's over 1000 years I only buy on sales. most AAA for 5 bucks form last year.

dreamed1156d ago

I don understand the "backlog".....i' m aware you said you only buy during sales but loads dont.

Why pay full price at launch for a game when its gonna sit on the shelf for months until it gets played??...why dont ppl wait a buy when its cheaper?.

Ive nevered had a "backlog",i buy a game,complete it then buy the next game.

Ive got loads of ppl on my f/list that seem to just collect games,but never play them let alone complete them......just find it really strange?...everyone to their own i suppose?.

Wait a it because ppl are buying those terrible "collectors editions", know the ones that come with a tatty lump of made in china plastic...

Sorry to troll everyone on this subject but it makes me laugh at the thought of a 30 something man waiting in line for a toy action,again sorry for being such an ass!!.

Simco8761156d ago

I can't even dip into my backlog...not enough time. When you have family, friends, girlfriend/wife/strange, pets, house work, job...etc.

It makes perfect sense to buy one game when it's cheap, complete it, then move on. If you can't bring yourself to complete it...then trade in or just wait until next release.

Unless it's Fallout 4 though, day one...

Ravenheartzero1156d ago

Best deal I got was wolfenstein the new order for £8.79, that's all I bought tbh.

PlayableGamez1156d ago

Yeah I agree. I was thinking the same thing. I bought only several games this time around. Usually I buy at least 1 game every day for a steam sale, but I only found myself buying a few. And another note, the flash sales were terrible..

TXIDarkAvenger1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

This Summer Sale was OK. I grabbed like 11 games which is fine in my book because there actually titles I'd play and not let sit in my library for a long time.

But yeah I totally agree. The prices were jacked up a bit for a lot of the games even if only by a bit. Now I do have to say the reason Assetto Corsa did not receive the same or bigger discount is because a year ago, the game was in early access but now the game is released. So like a lot of early access games, they start cheap and once the full build comes out its a bit more.

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