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Yi-Long1271d ago

Shouldn't they just build upon the current Project CARS, the one they JUST released?

Also not sure how I feel about crowd-funded games selling DLC.

Brotard1271d ago

Like the famous Steve Miller song. "Take the Profit and Run" why fund our own games when they sell decently well when we can get others to do it.

Army_of_Darkness1271d ago

So they're taking and keeping all the money they earned from the first project cars and expecting us to fund the sequel?? LOL!
I hope this trend doesn't catch on like DLC.

WickedLester1270d ago

Agreed 100%. I wish all makers of racing franchises would follow this business model. We don't need sequels to any one racing franchise within the same generation anymore. Just release your game and then support it for the duration of that particular generation with season passes. When a new generation starts, THAT'S the time to introduce a new version. I keep praying that Evolution Studios will announce a season 2 for Driveclub because frankly, that engine is perfect or damn near it.

Forn1271d ago

Anyone think this is ridiculous? Yeah, me too.

Unreal011271d ago

Na I'm happy about this news. Project CARS was fantastic in some areas but severely lacking in others. Hopefully number 2 can address that.

LifeInNZ1271d ago

Why not just extend Project Cars? does it really need a sequel announcement already?

slappy5081271d ago

Yeah, I think they're Slightly Mad.

wakeNbake1271d ago

So Im guessing the WiiU version of the first one is a no go?

cfc781271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

THE LARGEST TRACK ROSTER EVER – 50 unique locations and 200+ courses including ‘loose surface racing’ on dirt, gravel, mud, and snow. All will have dynamic time of day and weather allowing you to play anytime, anywhere

THE WIDEST VARIETY OF MOTORSPORTS with 8 different disciplines now including Rallycross, Hillclimbs, and Touge. 200+ cars from over 40 different vehicle classes including never-before-seen Concepts and Banned Race Cars

CO-OP CAREER – Play as the Teammate Driver, Spotter, Driver Swap, or Co-Pilot. More choices, more opportunities, more strategy, greater risks and greater rewards

SEAMLESSLY CONNECTED – Socialize and compete via Online Track Days, have players from around the world take the place of AI-controlled drivers in your solo play, and get news updates on the Driver Network around you

PRO ESPORTS RACING – Skill & Behavioural-based matchmaking, create your own Online Racing Seasons, and Live Broadcast and Spectator functionality

YOUR HOME FOR RACING – Your own personal, customisable Test Track to tune and test your cars. Invite others to showcase your passion for racing and learn race craft and engineering with the Project CARS Academy

Really liking the changes made banned cars will be a great addition.

Release date ? only joking.

bunt-custardly1271d ago

This announcement seems to have got the back up some people who think SMS should fix up the current game first before working on a sequel.

Hopefully and I assume this is the case they will still have people working on the original while the new one is being developed.

If not, then rightly so - GO TO HELL!

RiseofScorpio1271d ago

So you sell 1million+ copies yet you still ask us to pay twice for your next game?

kraenk121271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

What do you mean with twice?! If you back the game you even get it cheaper! Some people are just ignorant...what is your problem?! You don't have to fund it! haters!

memots1271d ago

People love to spread fud and misinformation unfortunately.

Only negative stuff gets reactions.

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