Tested goes hands-on with Microsoft's Xbox One Elite controller

Keith from The Outerhaven writes:
No silly, we don’t have a Microsoft Xbox One Elite controller to preview and test, but guys from did get a hands on with it during E3 2015. In fact, they even did a short video of it, which you can check out below.

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curtis921247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I see both sides of this... but at least the XBO controller gives you options with play & charge kit.

Death1247d ago

You can use AA's or you can do like most people and buy a Play and Charge kit. I picked up a couple of these and couldn't be happier.

It beats having disposable controllers.

Angainor71247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Still better than charging 10 hours and play 3 hours, pstroll..

ShowanW1247d ago

People go nut without options.

Lets See..

Xbox One controller

1.) USB/Wired Controller (works without batteries)

2.)AA Batteries will eventually have to change them, but don't worry uses batteries efficiently. So you won't have to worry about changing them in a day or 2

3.) Like others have said, just grab a play and charge kit and enjoy.

u4one1247d ago

You can use the lipo pack with it or swap batteries out if they die or do both. A lot better than being stuck with a non removable battery that's not very good on top of it.

Dasteru1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )


*Still worse than charging for ~45mins and playing for 25 hours. Xbot...


For $150 i'm glad it doesn't have a built in battery pack. 4-5 years and you have to throw out the entire controller and buy a new one. With this design, you can either use AAs or buy a play and charge kit and have a removable rechargeable pack.

rainslacker1247d ago


You forgot

4) Include a plug and play with the controller and allow people to buy a second one so they always have a charged one and don't have to bother with AA batteries at all.

Basically makes it like the Sony option, but has the option to change the battery.

Why is the best option is always left out?

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Shy_1247d ago

one sexy controller... will gladly shell out the 150

Transporter471247d ago

I don't think I will ever spend that much on a controller. My regular PS4 and X1 controllers work just fine to me. This is a luxury item. I think it's way too expensive regardless of what people say.

VanguardOfCalamity1247d ago

can't say that I'll "gladly" shell out 150 but I'll be picking it up either way :D

n4rc1247d ago

Same.. I'm getting one, but not overly excited to pay $179 (Canada)

n4rc1247d ago

Amazon had it listed for $179.. At least when I looked.. Probably would have gone to best buy anyways since future shop is gone

Dasteru1247d ago


They lowered the price. I checked the BB website 2 days after E3 and it was listed for $179

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IVanSpinal1247d ago

I don't wanted to buy a scuf but this is too much to resist

TheGreatGamer1247d ago

Sold my scuf to get this beauty!

LifeInNZ1247d ago

Nice...I would get one for me and let my kids use the standard controllers. Unfortunately its listed at $199 here, a little bit too pricy for me right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.