E3 2015 Games of Show: Fallout 4, Horizon, Hitman & Mario make our top 10 | IBTimes UK

The dust has settled on a vintage year for E3 that will be remembered as one of the finest ever. There was a huge variety of games being shown off; new IPs standing shoulder to shoulder with anticipated sequels and remasters people have actually been asking for alongside new experiences in virtual and augmented reality.

There was huge diversity, in terms of visuals and genres of course, but also in terms of video game protagonists. The stranglehold white male heroes have on video games was loosened considerably by the heroines of Dishonored 2, Recore, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, Tacoma and two more we will get to in the list below.

Having seen it all: the press conferences, the trailers, the gameplay videos and the chaotic live streams, IBTimes UK has whittled down E3 2015's bounty of video games to an ordered list of the ten best games of show.

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