GameStop Now Selling Retro Consoles and Games

Nintendo! Dreamcast! Cartridges! They're All Back!

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Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1004d ago

If refurbished, I might care.

deadpoolio3161004d ago

Well so far their prices for games are a hell of a lot cheaper than what your going to get them for on ebay and other 3rd party sellers...Chrono trigger is going for $90 through GS generally your not going to find one for less than $130-$200

christian hour1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

R.A.G.E is a store in dublin that deals in retro games, records, etc. It's a tiny self owned, self run store and you can get Chrono Trigger for 20 euro or lower depending on condition. People are always bringing in their old stuff to sell for cheap and they update their page anytime something new and rare comes in, they're usually gone within the week so you have to be quick.

Considering this is Ireland and we generally suck for stuff like this, I imagibe there are little pop up shops like it all around the world and probably nearby where you live. Look in to it, people selling em that high on ebay is pretty ridiculous.

As for gamestop doing this, i'm not sure how I feel about it, they'll probably charge extortionate prices over here, and I worry they'll put self run stores like R.A.G.E out of business as theyve done in the past for other self run modern gaming stores, not because the stores couldnt compete with their prices, but because they werent getting the pre-order incentives gamestop were getting. (r.a.g.e is only one of several retro game stores like this I know of in dublins city centre, theres also a place that deals primarily in 80's and early 90's pc games and one little shop near the docks dedicated to sega)

bOObies1004d ago

Wow, pretty cool. Might have to pick up an old Xbox and Dreamcast to relive some glory days.

Fin_The_Human1004d ago

LOL I would not consider the original XBOX Retro.

All I need for my console collection is a NES and Atari.

I pretty much have all the others.

Oh the Jaguar as well...that console is hard to find.

FarEastOrient1004d ago

I wished I didn't sell some of my consoles. This is a chance that I might be able to pickup a Dreamcast and Sega CD/Genises combo to put back into the collection.

Death1004d ago

Got all three. I even have the toilet bowl attachment for the Jaguar that spins CD's. :)

akaFullMetal1004d ago

Might pick up some old legacy systems and games.

SuperbVillain1004d ago

i wonder how much theyll be raping on prices

_-EDMIX-_1004d ago

...because you must buy it right? Because Amazon and Ebay don't exist right?

SuperbVillain1004d ago

calm down princess, why you so mad?

Bimkoblerutso1004d ago

Surprisingly, they seem to be priced pretty reasonably:

I checked a few of those and they all fall just about in the middle of the high and low bids on eBay. This is such a good move. I love going to the local ma and pa stores for this stuff, but they just don't have the exposure to get any decent "legacy" stock in.

generalwinter1004d ago

Yeah they seem like ok prices to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.