Why Backing Shenmue 3 Makes You a Mug

ReadersGambit takes a look at the bigger picture surrounding Shenmue 3 and why we should all feel a little bad about funding it.

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Nyxus1006d ago

Again, this is based on false assumptions. Check this for more info:

Or the video below.

pwnsause_returns1006d ago

the kickstarter slowed down thanks to all the negativity -_- i swear man...if we dont get what we want......

Griever1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

If the kickstarter fails or the game does not materializes because of all this propaganda then there will be hell to pay. People like the author of this article should be held responsible and made to pay for it! These idiots will kill the game that we have been begging for 14 years!

Serg1006d ago

There is a small portion of the gaming community, who have experienced the story of Shenmue and Shenmue 2. But a part of it was still missing, the story was incomplete for almost 15 years. No glimmer of hope as SEGA remained silent on this issue. The occasional rumour popped up during that time, only to remind every member of this community, of the harsh reality that this story may very well be left untold forever.

Last week, the wait for news has ended, it was finally announced, the story will finally be told. The people have a chance at making this into the game they have dreamed of for 14 years. But no, people who hate joy and happiness once again have to interfere. They spread false information in the hopes of destroying this long awaited joy. And it seems they are succeeding.

14 years with no hint at a third release. Not a peep from the people with a deathgrip on the franchise. Now a glimmer of hope and it gets tainted by negativity, fanboyism and jealousy.

I really hate this world we live in.

cogniveritas1006d ago

Correlation does not imply causation. The Kickstarter funding was incredibly successful and is at 175% right now. It had to slow down at some point.

The criticism is illogical. Whether you help fund the game up front, or help recoup costs by purchasing the game after the fact, you're still giving up your money for a product without receiving equity in return.

pwnsause_returns1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

yea, but by the time the media started spreading misinformation, it slowed down the kickstarter, and it shows.

Death1006d ago

Did negativity slow down kickstarter or did interest slow it down?

The original sold 1.2 million copies with the follow up selling 400,000 units. This is why Sony wanted to gauge demand. Historical sales figures don't support the amount of vocal demand fans make for Shenmue 3. Over 44,000 people have already backed the new game. That's over 10% of the people that bought the last game. I don't think negative publicity is at fault for it slowing down.

Farmassy1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

I played the original games when they first came out and I am not so sure I want a new shenmue. The originals were amazing and have heavily influenced games today. However, I don't think there is any way that the new shenmue will be able to innovate in the current gaming world. Those games were the first to do so many things but they hold a place in our hearts because at that time we had never seen an open world, QTEs, or in depth NPCs before. These things are now commonplace (and in the case of QTEs, no longer really wanted). I would rather remember those games the way they were instead of watching a beloved franchise make an unimpressive sequel

This is just my opinion and I hope the game comes out great. I will probably play it even if reviews are poor

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yarbie10001006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

The people claiming Sony is only marketing the game is also full of misinformation. NO ONE KNOWS how much Sony is giving. There have been multiple interviews where Sony did say if the Kickstarter succeeds then SCE will back it with funding.

What is troubling is that Sony is already working on a list of more games to use crowdfunding for


Asuka1006d ago

but why is that troubling? if content creators hold their IPs via kickstarter why is it troubling for a third party to invest in said IP?

DivoJones1006d ago

To Asuka: Kickstarter is a place to invest in the little guy with a big idea and no resources to make it happen. Capcom and Sony are not little guys. These are major companies/publishers with catalogs full of successful brands and IP's. They don't need YOUR money to make a product, they're just offsetting their costs by sticking you with some of the bill.

Quality products will always sell well, so the fact they resorted to crowdfunding raises a big red flag in my book.

Asuka1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

@DivoJones You're right, but you are not investing in Sony or any publisher. You are investing in an individual or the IP holder (in this case Yu).

Kayant1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )


1. It's not Sony's project. The project is if it's not kickstarted the project will not be made Sony's involvement is mainly enabling the creation of the PS4 version.

2. An IP that has been dead for 14 years should tell you it's wasn't really successful in terms of profit for Sega. There is a reason it's been dead for that long.

3."Capcom and Sony are not little guys. These are major companies/publishers with catalogs full of successful brands and IP's" - Which is why they fund the projects they own. There is a reason Horizon, etc are not on kickstarter because the likelyhood of getting the money needed to fund the project is very slim especially when you add huge marketing budgets AAA games have today.

4. "They don't need YOUR money to make a product, they're just offsetting their costs by sticking you with some of the bill. " - They are not offsetting anything because it's not their project/IP. Given the scope of the project Sony will only fund a project if they own the I.P.

Brotard1006d ago

And where did you get this Info on Sony kick starting other projects?

Spotie1006d ago

@yarbie: So you've made up an interpretation that suits your argument? Pathetic.

@Divo: Where do you get the idea that this is a Sony project? That you think that is exactly the sort of crap that's gonna hurt this game's chances. And that's exactly what articles like this, and people like yarbie, hope for.

OB1Biker1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

Sony is helping like they usually do for most indie games. And often it involves funding developing and marketing.
But these games have to be on their own way first

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Mega241006d ago ShowReplies(1)
DemonChicken1006d ago

$29 for a dollar game is pretty damn awesome considering the digital prices are criminal in Europe.

Pretty clever if you ask me. The author must have had a fail in Maths or is mug =D

jb2271006d ago

These gaming "journalists" are short sighted, narrow minded buffoons these days. How about a little perspective? If this game happened thru traditional channels, gamers would have to pay 60+ for retail or digital! with this method! gamers can receive a digital copy for half of that price....fiscal sense? Check. Creatively speaking, Yu Suzuki can finally move forward with a passion project w/ the faith of hundreds of thousands of gamers fully & tangibly behind him, and have the freedom to make the game he has envisioned...creative sense? Check. Not sure what else really matters.

People are completely missing the positive points of this, glossing over them in favor of knee jerk reactions that support all of the shady preorder, high prices, microtransations & pricy dlc practices that are killing the industry. Kick starter deals like these can essentially only hurt the brick & mortar retail stores that are keeping the medium in the Stone Age. I honestly haven't seen one valid negative point in any of these arguments.

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Kayant1006d ago

The misinformation and so called journalism *cough* I mean clickbait BS doesn't seem to be stopping.

Hoffmann1006d ago

It does not often happen that I give a website here a vote. But this one just deserved a negative one for this article.

Asuka1006d ago

idk why these keep getting approved. This is like the 3rd article today trying to miss inform people

Mr-Dude1006d ago

People who like to ruin things for other people

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