Is the Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass worth buying?

Game Idealist takes a look as to whether or not the Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass is worth purchasing.

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joab7771002d ago

Since Borderlands I stopped buying them. So many games come out and then I end up not playing them. I would rather pay $10 more and know I will play them then take the chance.

zsquaresoff1002d ago

Not right now but maybe after more story based dlc's are revealed.

Ceaser98573611002d ago

ohkay will follow this suggestion. The price ATM is rediculous. I could had few more bucks and preorder Hitman instead :P .

OhMyGandhi1002d ago

not if the single player is as buggy as it is for me right now.

AidenPearce1002d ago

Umm, no one has the answer to that until the DLC is released. -__-