Nintendo Feed's E3 2015 Disappointments

It's been called Nintendo's most disappointing E3 performance in years, but just how disappointing was Nintendo's offering this year? Join the Nintendo Feed team as we discuss what disappointed us the most about E3 2015.

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MSBAUSTX1035d ago

You know what disappointed me the most? That horrible Metroid game, No LOZ, No Devils Third, No Xeno X during the Direct, horrible graphics of Star Fox considering how good Bayo 2 looked, and no new 3D Mario or Pokemon. Literally every single thing that Wii U supporters and Nintendo lovers wanted they didnt get. Thank God I have an XB1 as well because after this year my Wii U is dead. I at least get 5 great titles this year. But after that I get nothing. I guess I will be playing Halo 5 Warzone.

WizzroSupreme1034d ago

Metroid Federation Force is by far the blackest mark on Nintendo's E3 record to date when fans hungry for one of the hardest core Nintendo cult-series got diluted in a casual co-op game.

WizzroSupreme1034d ago

My greatest disappointment is that we never got the Metroid Prime 4 we've been waiting for, much less that we got a Metroid in the form of Federation Force.

PlatinumGX1034d ago

Let's see:

- No Gamecube games.
- No news about Club Nintendo replacement.
- No Devil's Third.
- No Project Treasure.
- Whatever happened to Retro Studios' game?
- No Pokken Tournament Wii U confirmation.

Project Guard update after one year was basically: we still don't know what to do with this. And Project Giant Robot is apparently on hold.

I did like what I saw of Star Fox Zero, but must admit, Mario Tennis, and Animal Crossing were vastly underwhelming.

deadpools_n641034d ago

After last years successful show they choked. Literally choked themselves outa competition. It's one thing to be in last place and put up a fight but in this years E3 I saw no fight. Such a disappointment from last year. Worlds of difference.

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