Nintendo must admit the Wii U's mistakes to succeed with the NX

Dealspwn: "We love the Wii U and its glorious collection of exclusives here at Dealspwn, but there's no denying that Nintendo's latest system missed the mark in any number of key areas. Ninty boss Satoru Iwata has now gone on record explaining why he feels the Wii U underperformed, blaming sluggish sales on the console's high price and the rise of tablets.

He's half right, but he's also scapegoating like mad when Nintendo needs to be admitting their mistakes and learning from them if they want the NX to be a "very big hit.""

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BootHammer1149d ago

Let's all hope Nintendo has learned their lessons with the Wii U. Innovation is great, but let's put the focus more on the console and it's games...not gimmicks. It has no excuse to not be more powerful than the PS4 given it debuts in November or December of 2016.

It needs to use x86 architecture and the launch lineup needs to be stellar. Crush it with some outstanding 1st party titles (Zelda, Mario, F-zero, Pilotwings and yes...a proper Metroid!) and some supporting 3rd party games (which they should have no problem getting the right power and system architecture).

Blues Cowboy1149d ago

Yeah, agreed with all of that. They need a strong lineup, easier pathway for 3rd parties and most of all a strong message.

b163o11148d ago

Nintendo's is a awkward position. There console will be strong but by the time developers start to truly unlock its potential M$ & Sony would be dropping even strong consoles...smh

Question, is Nintendo heading in the same direction as Sega? I hope not, but its not looking good IMO

wonderfulmonkeyman1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Why should it use X86 instead of something more unique yet equally powerful, though?

Nintendo's not familiar with those innards; using X86, rather than an equivalently powerful custom set-up that they understand from having developed it themselves, would just hinder the time it takes them to pump out more first party titles, both new (like Splatoon) and familiar. (like Zelda)

And yeah, X86 would help third parties make games quicker on the NX.
But, I want new games from third parties!
Not just ports of games that everyone has already bought elsewhere, and therefore wouldn't get an NX for.

I want to see massive RPG's with deep stories, and grandoise adventure titles with unique gameplay mechanics to keep things fresh.

But if all I'll get out of all that extra NX power, is a late port of The Witcher 3, with none of its DLC because they just wanted to do something easy for a quick buck, and none of the existing fanbase for it due to all of it existing on everything else BUT the NX, what's the point?!

Everyone already HAS The Witcher 3 elsewhere; who's going to get an NX for Witcher 3 when it's already out everywhere else, with even more content which the NX might not even get?
Even if the graphics are equivalent to a high grade Alienware PC on Max settings, who would bother purchasing an NX just for that when they have it elsewhere, as do their buddies?
No one!T_T

I'm sorry, but I don't want to sit through another first year like the Wii U's was, in terms of third party games.
That would be too depressing to bear!T_T

What I want to see, is some sort of guarantee from third parties that they won't use the NX's higher power as an easy way to do nothing but ports again, before Nintendo sacrifices their own more familiar hardware for the sake of making things easier on third parties.

I spent a year and a half buying bad ports in the hopes it would make a difference.
I'm tired of being port-burned...

Ark_1148d ago

Multiplats is just the way to go from a business perspective. And developers will bring their games more likely to a new console, if it's build on X86. For strong 3rd party support it's allmost a requirement from this generation on.

But I know were you are comming from: I also would have loved to see developers creating new gaming experiences for the WiiU. It's a big opportunity missed imo. And I am not talking AAA, but low to mid budget games that use the gamepad in a unique or innovative way.

uth111148d ago

Because there really is nothing equally as powerful. When Sony designed the PS4, they looked at all the architectures on the market, most came up short. I think the only other one that came close was some Arm-based solution. The AMD Jaguar offered CPU and GPU on a chip for low power/low cost/low cooling. It almost won by default! It's not a coincidence that both PS4 and Xbox One ended up with a Jaguar-based design

There have been rumors that Nintendo would be using the next iteration of this. If those are true, then Nintendo will deliver something more powerful than PS4 and XB1. We'll see..

rainslacker1148d ago

Lately the entire "evolution" of processors is more about throwing more power(cores) and memory bandwidth to handle more data. There hasn't really been a major jump in processing in over 10 years since the i5/7 released, and the more powerful processors are generally made for very specific tasks. but for general purpose computing(which games do fall under), X86 is just as fast as anything else out on the market, sometimes faster, and is much more documented on how to make it work because ultimately, it hasn't changed it's base instruction set since it's inception outside of adding in some new stuff once in a while.

It's also the cheapest architecture to produce, so it tends to work out.

There's nothing wrong with the RISC processor that Nintendo uses, but given that currently every other platform is now using x86(PS4/X1/PC/MAC), it doesn't make sense to stick to it for the sake of being different when it brings no substantial gains to the actual game making process. There was a time when the difference between RISC and CISC could be measured substantially for certain tasks, but modern CISC processors are better all around CPU's, and even have RISC based instructions available within their cores.

Viper71148d ago

You are simply asking for impossible.

Even Nintendo themselves struggled to make enough content for Wii U. Development was taking a lot more time and probably costing a lot more money as well.

You simply can't expect 3rd party developers to just ignore everything else and start making unique games for a platform that is nothing like the others. It just doesn't make any sense.

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Alex_Boro1148d ago

Needs to have good online capabilities also. Nintendo is too ignorant to put online in any of their games.

wonderfulmonkeyman1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Splatoon says hi.
As does Smash and MK8 and a surprising number of other titles.

Alex_Boro1147d ago


Splatoon, MK8, and smash all have online capabilities geared to 3 year olds. I mean, what game in 2015 doesn't have in game voice chat?

Timesplitter141148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I think the biggest problem with all this (for us) is that traditional console games are pretty much dead in Japan, and obviously Nintendo is very attached to the japanese market.

This is why I don't get my hopes up too much. I'm still expecting the NX to be handheld/mobile, because this is what sells well in japan


Theres a lot of assumption as to what NX can or will be but what Nintendo has said about it so far has to make one think outside of the box...

"Since we are always thinking about how to create a new platform that will be accepted by as many people around the world as possible, we would like to offer to them 'a dedicated video game platform with a brand new concept' by taking into consideration various factors, including the playing environments that differ by country."

Timesplitter141148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

it sounds interesting, at least. Definitely won't be a typical console.

What if it's Nintendo's cross-platform answer to Steam, with games playable on PC,Mac,Linux & mobiles? That would be awesome

ABizzel11148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

The problem is Nintendo is in an awful spot now. The immediate thought is now they can have a more powerful console then the PS4, which is by all means true since it'll be a good 3 - 4 years after the PS4 launch.

That being said Nintendo is forced to either make a console on par with the XBO and PS4, and keep their price low, or make a more powerful console and cost more.

Both are awful places to be in, because realistically Nintendo can't sell a $400 console to millions of gamers like Sony and MS can, even if it is more powerful. They also have to start completely over with 3rd parties getting on board who will be weary once again thanks to multiple failed gens on their consoles. Then add the fact that by 2016 / 2017 we should be looking at $299 PS4 and XBO and it makes the NX that much harder of a sale to the mass gaming audience. And finally backwards compatabilty will be a struggle if they don't go with PowerPC (which has much better CPUs then what the Wii U ended up with), but doing that means porting games won't be easy scaring 3rd parties away.

They're in an awful position.

Going with parity performance with XBO and PS4 and a $299 price is their best hope, the main difference they need to settle for is having a GPU on par or above the XBO to save a bit of money to put towards a better CPU.

FX 6300
R7 360x equivalent (laptop GPU)


It's very possible for them to make this and at that price, especially by spring or holiday 2017, and it would go head to head with the PS4 and XBO. The R7 360x is more powerful than them, so a scaled down version would be better, the RAM is more than enough, and the CPU is a huge improvement.

Learn from the mistakes of the PS4 and XBO (CPU), and improve your console. And if they stay on the 5 year cycle they can keep this up into the next gen as well, the problem with this model is that, they'll always struggle to have a console that makes huge profits unless it catches on with mass appeal. A strong selling console moves 10m years annually, so in 5 years that's a max of 50m sold per gen and 5 years is hard to make a profit on hardware with cuts.

So again they're in an awful position, but to me the second option is the lesser of the two evils, especially since sales have been on the decline anyway, and at this point 50m consoles sold is a dream Number for Nintendo.

What I'm afraid of is if MS decides to do the same thing and launch a new console in 2018, it would destory the core market, and there's a good chance for real that we'd lose one of these big 3.

RiseofScorpio1148d ago

LOL no one reads these dude.

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iplay1up21149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

There is no way NX is releasing 2016. 2017 for sure. Nintendo is going to need a stellar line up available AT LAUNCH to sell the console this time. It takes years to develop AAA first party titles, not months. Zelda, Metroid, Mario Sunshine/Galaxy, Pikmin,etc.

Also if this (NX) is revolutionary as Nintendo has stated in so many words, who knows how this console will be different, than what is out there now.

Blues Cowboy1149d ago

Or launch window at the very least, agreed. The lack of system selling software cripped the Wii U, basically until MK8 released.

I bought one at launch and loved ZombiU, TW101, Wind Waker, Pikmin 3 etc, but with the best will in the world those games don't sell consoles to most people. They didn't to me, really, I just fancied a new system at the time.

Wonder_Punk1148d ago

The lack of Wii U and 3DS games this year seems to say that they are putting a lot of focus on the NX. I wouldn't be surprised if they have a lot of far in development games that they decided to push to the NX where it will do some good instead of waste any more effort on Wii U.

bggriffiths1149d ago

I think Ninty have made a major mistake admitting the NX was a thing this early. Sure, it may be a while off, but people don't want to commit to a console that isn't the main focus of a platform holders efforts. Let's face it, Zelda is an NX title now, or at least a WiiU/NX double-launch.

Blues Cowboy1149d ago

Yup. The narrative is now all about the NX, even though it wasn't even at E3!

wonderfulmonkeyman1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Nintendo has already stated Zelda is coming to Wii U.
They have mentioned absolutely
about it being on NX, and they'd be more likely to do a remaster of a previous Zelda title instead, for NX, to mark the run-up to a new NX- based Zelda.
Nintendo also stated that their reason for revealing it early, was to counter rumors that they were abandoning console development for phone games through their partnership with DENA.
Why does everyone want to purposefully ignore Nintendo's own words?
Just stop, already.

Blues Cowboy1149d ago

They've said it's coming to Wii U, but you have to admit that the possibility is pretty damn compelling. It's possible that they're just saving it to be one last big Wii U blowout, though, rather than a cross-gen release.

JamesBroski1148d ago

What he means is why would someone buy a WiiU when they're working on a new console that might have BC.

Dunban671148d ago

They would not have mentioned NX by name when they announced the mobile gaming deal w DeNA, and they DEF would not have flat out mentioned NX by name at e3 and in interviews during e3 if they were not going to release by 2016- Their focus is CLEARLY on NX now and there is no way they would be talking NX and openly doing a "post mortem" of the Wii U if they were had not started moving assests to the next system

blackblades1148d ago

I think they're holding games off until the nx. I also think some games are going to get ported to mx or remastered to the nx. Like smash bros and Mario kart with all dlc. If it's late 2017 it'll be bout 5 years since wii u launch.

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superchiller1149d ago

If the NX is based on a gimmick, like their last two consoles, it will fail. Simple as that.

The gaming community has sent a very clear message to Nintendo; they don't want gimmicks, they want solid hardware that can evolve and deliver great games for many years. The Wii U just didn't offer that, hopefully the NX will.

wonderfulmonkeyman1149d ago

It needs to be compatible with all Wii and Wii U controllers for the sake of gameplay options, and for the sake of saving their customers some cash on new ones.
Going back to nothing but minimalistic pads would just limit the scope of new gameplay features they could include, which is the exact opposite of being a console that can evolve the way we play.

Blues Cowboy1149d ago

I agree in theory, wonderfulmonkeyman, I really do. But a little part of me wonders if backwards compatibility actually hurt the Wii U a bit, while the GamePad did more harm than good even though it's a GREAT peripheral that deserves more respect (from devs and gamers alike).

superchiller1149d ago

Actually, Nintendo would be in a lot better position if they scrapped all those previous gimmicky controllers, and just focused on a standard controller, similar to the "Pro" controller available for the Wii U (but an improved version of that). They've honestly hurt themselves by offering too many gimmicky controllers with the Wii U, especially the Wiimote and nunchuk ones. I bet almost no one uses the Wii motes anyway, they're kind of poor controllers, made for Wii games. They could offer an upgraded version of the Pro controller, with analog triggers and other improvements.

And on a similar subject, let's hope that they don't try to include backwards compatibility with the NX, it would only drag the system down. Almost no one cared about backwards compatibility with the Wii U, why waste time offering it? The Wii is dirt cheap anyway, and the Wii U will be soon as well.

Their next console should start with a clean slate, and no be crippled by support for past gimmicks/consoles, in order to have a chance to succeed.

Realplaya1148d ago

@ Superchiller Sony and Microsoft are doing the same thing with VR tech. In order for gaming to stay fresh gaming must evolve.

wonderfulmonkeyman1148d ago

You would be surprised how many use Wiimotes in the few shooters the Wii U and Wii got.
They're better by miles than pure analog and offered a competitive advantage to those that mastered them.
And regardless of what anyone thinks, those "gimmicks" offered improvements when used right.
For the sake of costs and variety, the NX SHOULD be compatible with all of them.

Similarly, it's an undeniable FACT that the Wii U has more memorable core games than the Wii did at the same point in its lifetime.
Having BC in the NX would be a big selling point for it, since they'd be able to continue allowing gamers to play Smash, Splatoon, Bay 2 and many other great games, which will still retain replay value even after the NX launches, without having to overcrowd their gaming space with a Wii U alongside everything else.

Native BC is a consumer-friendly feature that shows respect towards those that invested time and money into hunting down physical games.

It would be stupid to give that up with the NX.

JamesBroski1148d ago

Totally agree. They should sell WiiU gamepad individually and make it compatible with all of its games. That's one of the main thing that I like about Nintendo: BC.

TXIDarkAvenger1148d ago

I don't see how Wii U is considered a gimmick...

-Foxtrot1148d ago

It kind of is...not as big as the Wii Mote and that but it's silly gimmick like.

blackblades1148d ago

If look at it every controller they had were different. It changes everytime they should of kept with one controller and modified it doing different consoles like sony. Then do the gimmicks 2nd, the wii u is able to play with 4 different types of controller.

-Foxtrot1148d ago

They had a great unique controller which could of been their thing. The Gamecube controller.

Fantastic little controller and was great in games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros and even the 3D Mario games like Sunshine

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Maybay1148d ago

They need indies to replace the type of third party games we don't see on their hardware. Maybe by combining their two platforms (console+handheld), they'll alleviate that problem.

OCEANGROWNKUSH1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

From what they have said so far about NX it seems like it very well may be some sort of combination of home console and portable. They have talked a lot about how different regions (gaming is japan is mostly portable/mobile) have different needs and how they want the NX to appeal to as wide of an audience as possible.

My only other theory is that the NX could possibly Nintendo's foray into the cell phone market. While this is highly unlikely and based purely on my own imagination, i figured i would throw it out there.

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