Planetside 2 Director talks coming to PS4, community help, Xbox One and VR

Back in November 2012, the company then known as Sony Online Entertainment, and current known as Daybreak Games, released the MMO, free-to-play, shooter called Planetside 2. It has been quite the journey for many of the folks at Daybreak Games and tomorrow represents the culmination of many years of work, though it will continue in the future.

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Viryu1244d ago

I tried the beta on PS4, it was... really confusing. Dunno, maybe when you get into it it might be good. But I just quit after about an hour. To be fair though, I was never a FPS person.

Aenea1244d ago

The beta didn't have any tutorials tho, granted it was confusing as heck, hopefully the full game will be better that way.

Then again tomorrow is Batman time....

FarEastOrient1244d ago

Try it out, it's Free to Start anyway.

MysticStrummer1244d ago

I love it, but I don't expect it to set the console world on fire. It's more complex than any other online FPS I've ever played but the tutorial, if you can even call it that, is terrible. I recommend checking it out since it's free, but I also strongly recommend checking out some YouTube tutorials beforehand.