Fallout 4 Won't Be Locked At 1080p/30fps On PC

Bethesda updated Fallout 4 specs.

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Eonjay1247d ago

It was just an incorrect statement from Howard.

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JsonHenry1247d ago

Even if it was it wouldn't matter. They tried doing that with Dead Rising 3 on PC. It takes all of 60 seconds to unlock it, lol.

JamesBroski1247d ago

Yea, but it runs like shit at 60fps because they didn't optimize it for it to be 60fps.

JsonHenry1247d ago

^^That makes no sense. And it did in fact run just fine.

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PC_601247d ago

I dont think it will take a lot to reach 60fps on this game as it isnt as graphic intensive as other new games like GTA V so most people should be running it at a smooth 60fps

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Razputin1247d ago

Even if by some odd horrible joke it was locked at 30FPS for PC.

It would literally take some minutes to fix it, announce it, tweak it, and then finally release it by the end of the release day.

This is the beauty of PC.

Jedislayer1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Here's a thought. Just sit, fire up your PC, ps4 or xbone, and don't think about FPS and have fun in the world of fallout. There will be so much to do, you won't even think about FPS.

Lon3wolf1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Thats what I do with Witcher 3 on PC I have settings on high and hairworks on looks smooth to me and highly playable, my FPS counter says "don't care" :D

The only game I ever worried about FPS was Quake 3 back in the day as there were certain jumps etc. that could only be made at 125 FPS.

Two-Face1247d ago

Playing at 30fps on PC with mouse and keyboard is horrible experience... Sure it is good enough with gamepad, but 30fps WILL bother you if you use mouse.

JsonHenry1247d ago

I would agree, but when you have a 120/240hz monitor and your FPS are locked at 30fps it is VERY noticeable and will make the game seem like it is lagging and choppy.

Activemessiah1247d ago

FPS is kinda important to enjoying the gameplay... resolution not so much...

Summons751247d ago

Not really, there is hardly any difference between 30 and 60 unless you are a entitled brat who over analysis everything. Higher than that it's noticable but the average gamer doesn't have a pc that goes that gets max everything.

andrewer1247d ago

@Summon75 Some games in first person @ 30fps like Far Cry gives me headache. Does that make me a entitled brat who over analysis everything?

Irishguy951247d ago

Summons the differnce is very massive

Activemessiah1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

@Summons75 couple years ago, I was playing Dead Space 2 on PC and I turned on V-synch on because of awful screen tear and for the first 3 hours I was playing the game in 30fps because Vsynch locks it at that. I found out that i was meant to turn it on from the Nvidia control panel and not the game itself, it unlocked 60fps and the whole game changed, it was so smooth I had no idea what I was subjecting myself to... it was then I realised why people make Framerates a priority... don't take my word for it though, you need to see it... it's undeniable.

That_Guy2441247d ago


I can instantly tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps with out any problem. 30fps in unplayable for me and gives me a headache 60fps is the lowest for me and if having me having standards make me entitled so be it.

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Corpser1247d ago

Of course not, I was playing fallout 3/Vegas on 3 screens (1080p *3) years ago , why would fallout 4 run at lower resolution ?

Maul_T_Pass1247d ago

Resolution isn't necessarily the issue here. It was the 30fps on all platforms (including PC ) that was being called into question.

BassMan1251247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Well, I don't have a beast rig and judging by the 1080p/30fps on both consoles, this can only mean one thing for me. The PC requirements are not too extreme.
I hope I can achieve at least 1080p/60fps.

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