PS4 CUH-1200 model also has mechanical buttons, smaller LED light

Lost in the news of the new PS4 model this morning were two important tidbits about how it is different than old models and that isn't just the HDD cover, energy usage or size. It finally has non-touch sensitive power and eject buttons.

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Neonridr1270d ago

mechanical buttons are "neater"? I would think the current buttons are neater when we are talking tech-wise.. You have to be pretty precise with those buttons, so I don't know how you would accidentally turn it on or off when you didn't mean to. Unless you are handling the console for some reason (adjusting wires in the back perhaps).

dumahim1270d ago

I've accidentally brushed one of the buttons a couple of times. I like the mechanical button idea. Not sold on the matte HD cover though. The pic in the article doesn't really seem all that different for the LED.

Bimkoblerutso1270d ago

Well, there are other advantages, too. Mechanical buttons generally are less prone to malfunction. And there have been times when I have had my systems unplugged and needed to get a disc out of the tray.

I kinda prefer mechanical buttons when at all possible, myself.

dumahim1270d ago

I don't think the mechanical button is going to allow you to remove the disc without power. It's just a button like the PS3 slim. It doesn't sound like it's changing the drive mechanism to a manual load/eject.

sonarus1270d ago

I feel its really a trade off between finesse and functionality. The touch thing was tried on Ps3 and abandoned and looks like it will be abandoned again on Ps4.
Personally i prefer buttons because its more functional. Works 100% of the time instead of 90% of the time like touch. Sony is also probably balancing extra cost of hdd by using cheaper buttons.

The Great Melon1270d ago

I'll take matte finish any day on my electronics. I always find the glossy finishes to look cheap and they show dust and damage quite quickly.

donthate1270d ago

I loved the touch button on the original PS3. One of the reason that made it look expensive. Now the cheapened the look of the PS4 further.


gedapeleda1270d ago

I loved those sexy touch sensors on my fat one (R.I.P.)
It makes the tech look more advanced, this just seems like a downgrade, but maybe it's for the price cut sake so it's not so bad.

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thejigisup1270d ago

I never accidentally turn my system on. I wish it had an auto on feature so as soon as i got home it'd be on... Damn i sound lazy

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FarEastOrient1270d ago

@Zoot first you need to have a PS4

MONOLITHICIDE1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

so you just waste your money then. Wow nice investment decisions you make. If your not going to use it. Why buy it. You must be a teenager and just spend your whole check on frivolous junk. Oh kids when will they learn to save. It's not how much you make its how much you save. Everybody on here sounds like they are millionaires. Just spending spending spending. And people wonder why things are going down hill.

OverdosedWitDopeness1270d ago

A Zootplays I bet u never turned women on either lol.

On topic though, bad decision with the mechanical button and matte finishes the only way they can redeem the design now is price cut/rear USB and 5ghz wifi. Then It would be considerable otherwise imma recommend the older version to my friends that haven't gotten one yet.

ilikepizza1270d ago Show
PeaSFor1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


Insecure much?

btw you missed the audio jack on the controll ..oh wait, nvrmind.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1270d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

@PeaSFor, I think Sony fans claiming Ms copied the headphone jack are BACKWARDS.

The 360 first had a headphone jack on the controller when the DS3 did not, then the DS4 did... now Microsoft is just removing the need for the adapter.

Good move on the buttons, though you'd think Sony would have known that touch sensitive buttons are more prone to stop working properly and accidentally get activated.

@UltraNova, I don't really remember about that, though that was arguably true last-gen... only a few games used more than one DVD. You also seem to be implying that Microsoft meant that "forever", while I expect the truth actually is that they meant that only for the 360 gen. As for the idea that Ms is copying Sony with Blu-Ray... people say HD DVD was better, and that's what Ms wanted to use, though they obviously were forced to use Blu-Ray instead.

@Disagrees, here's something else you will disagree with... the myth of Sony being better at hardware design is made OBVIOUS in how they designed the POWER button to be easily confused with or accidentally hit instead of eject... that's bad engineering. Sony should have redesigned these new models with the power and eject far away from each other, as on Xbox.

UltraNova1270d ago


Ok I hate getting in the middle of petty cock-fights but dude remember when MS said Blu-ray is not need and DVD was more than enough?

You kids need to grow up and realize there's nothing here to argue about, its all business, everyone copies everyone just for the sake of being relevant.

ON topic,

I hate touch buttons really I do, every time I want to turn on the system or eject a disc I'm worried there wont be any response to my touch. Welcome change should I ever need another ps4.

Kingdomcome2471270d ago

Am I the only one that really loves the matte finish? I hate the way the gloss finish shows every minor imperfection. I just traded my Xbox One for the new SKU, and intend to do the same with the new PS4 SKU. I don't mind one way or the other regarding the buttons, though.

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UKmilitia1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

i imagine the change to mechanical is because of the auto eject and eject button getting stuck due to the rubber underneath heating up and expanding.

wouldnt mind seeing a underneath picture.

Rhythmattic1270d ago

So true.. Had the ejecting disk prob... Removed the rubber foot strip and replaced it with a little stick on rubber foot.... Problem solved !!

Magicite1270d ago

they r trying to make ps4 more profitable and every little thing helps.

Sunny_D1270d ago

Unlike previous generations, Sony is actually making a profit on each console sold since launch. By, cutting the production costs and yet keeping the same selling price, they are definitely making more profits than ever before. Unless, Sony decide to announce a price cut later this year? Hmmm, that would be megaton although it's not needed for Sony due to how well the PS4 has been selling.

SoapShoes1270d ago

Just means price drop likely incoming. They're reducing manufacturing costs by putting more conventional buttons and the 10% less weight and less power consumption means they have reduced the innards as well.

kraenk121270d ago

they are trying to make it cheaper as well, so yeah!

andibandit1270d ago

When my wife cleans my gaming corner for dust she turns it on half the time, despite my strong protests that it dosnt need cleaning

KwietStorm1270d ago

Your wife cleans your gaming corner, and you protest that it doesn't need cleaning.

I just wanted to type that again for emphasis.

traumadisaster1270d ago

I can tell you I felt that ps4 up much than other feel ups have lasted. There's been times I never did find the eject and just sat down and watch tv.

Neonridr1270d ago

lol.. the thought of that made me laugh..

GameForever1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

My guess for the reason of the minor changes is so that they can Keep the 1TB version at $399.99.

They are very minor and I kinda like the matte finish and the mechanical buttons are fine with me. You can change the hard drive cover and they may be offering some options for that or letting third party's make them.

GameForever1270d ago

Change what my guess is, the new matte finish model will have 500gig hard drive and will be priced at $349.99.

The new 1TB model will be the same as current models with glossy hard drive cover and electro static buttons and it will be $399.99

MajorLazer1270d ago

I prefer mechanical buttons too. Can get a little annoying when I'm cleaning the PS4 and it turns on

rawrock1269d ago

Same here for my X1. Always turns on when I am dusting lol...

RedSoakedSponge1270d ago

happens to me while cleaning. a bit annoying, but not a huge deal.

Articuno761269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Or trying to plug something into the USB ports whilst you hold the machine down with one hand (to stop it slipping around). If you are right-handed you are probably going to weigh the left-side of the machine down with your left hand whilst your right does the more delicate work of getting the cable in.

OpenGL1269d ago

They did the same thing last generation as well. PS3 launched with capacitive buttons and was updated with mechanical ones, just like the PS4.

showtimefolks1269d ago

I need a Ps4 so I will be getting the 1tb (I had a Ps4 but sold it due to going back to Pakistan.

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FallenAngel19841270d ago

The mechanical buttons and the matte HDD cover bay makes this new model feel like a step down from the previous one. Yeah its to cut costs, but I enjoy the premium feel. I still wish Sony hadn't abandoned the chrome finish and piano black on the PS3 Slim

Neonridr1270d ago

agreed, it's like they are cutting costs at an expense to the look. Very similar to the new Vita. While the LCD screen is nice and adequate, it will never compete with the OLED screen in the previous model.

wakeNbake1270d ago

Agreed the "fat" PS3 despite its massive size had a much more premium build than the slim models.

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Harkins17211270d ago

Shud have gotten the 1st edition then. It was there for first year buyers.

LifeInNZ1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Its hardly surprising. With each iteration of the revamped PS3 features were dropped and it got cheaper looking. I could not believe the final PS3 had a manual disc cover!

Obviously it means they are cutting manufacturing costs but it is a little disappointing given its selling so well.

SoapShoes1270d ago

PS2 slim had a manual disc cover as well. I actually prefer flip tops or sliding ones like on the PS3. It's convenient not having to turn on your system just to take a disc out and it means less potential for mechanical failure.

blackblades1270d ago

I liked how you can change the cover on fat ps3 with ease, but it easily collected dust. I also I grown on slim so it's all good.

Str8Chaos741270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I actually like the matte HDD cover, since the original gets scratched to hell no matter how careful you are. Wish you could buy a replacement.

IRetrouk1270d ago

Buy the 1 tb version then....sorted.

boing11270d ago

These are probably sensor switches. They'll be better than touch.

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spicelicka1270d ago

I prefer mechanical buttons actually, they feel tangible.

isarai1270d ago

Anyone know a price for this yet? Cause the only time Sony does this is when they reduce the price, maybe it will be the same price as current models? Just spit ball'n of course but it's plausible

assassin2k1270d ago

Given the strength of PS4 sales I highly doubt a price drop prior to sales slowing down. Maybe near Christmas this year if the lack of big exclusives hurts them (at this point I very much doubt).

SoapShoes1270d ago

I don't get this logic that PS4 is selling well so there's no need to drop the price. The PS2 had a commanding lead in EVERY region, not just Europe/Asia and it still had its price reduced.

mrbojingles1270d ago

They haven't said . I would expect a $50-$100 cut either for MGSV (9/1), Uncharted (10/9) or PGS (10/28)

I know people say they won't drop it by $100 but they've been making a good profit on the old model since like mid 2014 or early 2014. Add these cost cutting measures and I wouldn't be shocked if this matte PS4 costs around $310-$330 to make which software sales and PS+ could easily make up for.

Also, they likely know Morpheus will be expensive so I'm sure they want to make either the PS4 itself or Morpheys cheaper. $299 PS4 and $299 Morpheus, $499 bundle? Just throwing ideas out. I imagine they'll want to sell Morpheys at a profit.

mrbojingles1270d ago


PGS= Paris Games Show/Week in late October. Infact, it starts the day after Halo 5 releases so if Sony wanted to wait until then to drop PS4 price it would really take the wind out of MS's sales

FarEastOrient1270d ago

Sony's big conferences left for the year is Tokyo Gaming Show and Paris Gaming Week before Black Friday. With Playstation Experience 2015 after Black Friday.

Razputin1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I still don't even know where to touch my PS4 to turn it on and off.

I just slide my finger along the line till something happens.

Firstly it's a joke the symbol is about 1cm or less. And I have the white console making it even harder to see.

isarai1270d ago

There's literally a shiney metal button with a power symbol printed on it...

UKmilitia1270d ago

haha just touch it and it turns on,to turn it off hold your finger on it until it beeps.

rivencleft1270d ago

I had all those exact same issues when I got my first girlfriend.