The ultimate companion for your WiiMote, the Eneloop Wii from Sanyo

Akihabara writes: "It has finally happened. Nintendo has realized that there are many wasted batteries on its wireless Wii remote controllers. To solve this problem, they tied up with Sanyo in Japan to create a custom battery pack based on Sanyo's eneloop concept. With this for your Wii, your gaming will not be impaired by constantly switching out batteries.

The idea from Sanyo and Nintendo is to replace the back of your current remote with this pack. You never have to take it out again. Instead, when you are done playing, you place it in a charger stand, or cradle, that doesn't even have to touch the battery. It can even charge through the silicon Wii remote jackets that Wii started offering last year. You just put it in the stand and in 220 minutes, the battery is ready to go. The stands can be daisy chained so that the remotes can all be charged sequentially (not simultaneously) from one single AC adaptor, which means you don't have to have 4 more plugs to be able to charge all four automatically overnight.

We are very happy to see this development, but the sad part is that they will only be available in Japan for now, so all you people around the world, be sure to voice your opinion that we all need this licensed battery back and charger!"

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buckethead_X3770d ago

or a misleading sentence. It can charge a controller through the jacket, without touching the battery? Those covers are probably excelent insulators. Maybe it has to do with the nunchuk port at the bottom? Probably not...

xplosneer3770d ago

but my toothbrush works like that too, it goes in a stand but it's covered in plastic(even on the bottom). No metal is showing yet it charges. **Magical** lol

LPpatriot453770d ago

-to the slightly less interesting truth:

"Users don’t need to take off the silicone jacket from their Wiimotes as Eneloop cells are charged by magnetic induction (contactless recharging)."

So i'm guessing the same tech is in xplosneer's fancy toothbrush as well, heh..