Just 3 Minutes of No Man's Sky At E3 Was Not Really Enough

After awaiting some big news on No Man's Sky the author was disapointed that Hello Games only got to show a few minutes of such a highly anticipated game & one so vast in size.

We did learn more about it but nowhere near enough.

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Mikelarry1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Damn it was enough to change my mind.

I never truly grasped what everyone saw with this game but then that E3 presentation just blew my mind and I really cant wait to explore everything about this game

Neonridr1247d ago

where were you last E3 when they showed off their first trailer.. :P

It looked awesome from the start. This helped, but it would have been nice to see more.

Mikelarry1247d ago

Sometimes it takes a while for a game to click it with me same as with RDR, Flower etc and when it come on last e3 i just tuned out. but this e3 i decided to give it a chance and see why everyone goes on about this and it finally clicked, what was shown really peaked my interest.

Neonridr1247d ago

@Mikelarry - I was just busting your chops. Yeah the game looks super ambitious. I just hope it can deliver on what it shows..

uth111247d ago

They trailer last year was amazing, then when the awe wore off, many of us started asking what you actually DO in that game? A game where you just explore planets would get old fast, they'll all start to feel samey after awhile.

He said and showed enough in those 3 minutes to get me excited for the game again, dispelling many of my concerns

christian hour1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )


what they showed at e3 didnt even scrape what theyve discussed in the past. Some things you might not be aware of are:

Every rock, plant, animal, etc will be completely procedurally generated and unique to each planet.

65DAYSOFSTATIC (an amazing Math Rock band from UK) are doing the soundtrack, a music algorithm will dismantle every instrument track and note recrded and then procedurally generate a unique soundtrack for every planet.

Everyone starts on the outer rim, the goal is to reach the centre. It could be months before you even bump into another player. And you wont find out what you are until you do.

Every ship is unique and procedural as well

Hell everything is procedural

The developers arent even sure whats out there. So expect some wierd glitched up planets along the journey

Gas giants will not feature for gameplay purposes

Planets will generally be closer together than they should be (for gameplay purposes so you're not spending too much time travelling, and also because one of the art team pointed out to sean murray almost every sci fi artwork has crecsent planets hanging in the skyline)

Planets can be small but also be earth sized and even bigger, some can take a full 24 hours real time to circumnavigate on your lowest speed.

There will be vast cave and tunnel systems on planets.

When you discover something nobody else has seen, the game will record it and save to an online server. If someone else comes along something youve discovered, the game will notify them.

Theres a tonne more and some great tech videos out there too definitely worth checking out.

heres a behind the scenes vid, sean murray comes off very honest and genuine.

lots of info in this

gameinformer had a big info blowout earlier in the year, also check out this 70 q's and a's about nbo mans sky, informative and funny as hell too

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joab7771247d ago

Actually, it did just what it had to. A few more drops, b/c we still have many more shows coming.

I knew about the scale from months ago, but the trading, security, beacons, all started to help paint a clearer picture.

christian hour1247d ago

Was nice to see all that in action at this years e3, but it had been discussed or shown in some form in the past outside of trade shows and conventions (e.g the gameinformer info blowout from last 2014).

Even though i'd told my friends it had all this other stuff to it and to just watch the tech vids, they wouldnt, and still dismissed it as "a boring empty space exploration game".

Then they watched e3, and their tune has completely changed, some even claiming they were always "way in to it" (hipsters, amirite? haha) Selective memory at play :P

Highly reccomend anyone interested in this game to check out the gameinformer stuff, they released new vids and info on a daily basis, the 65daysofstatic vid where they discuss how the music will work is pretty sweet too if you're into the band or music in general, especially if you're a musician.

bunt-custardly1247d ago

I think it's just too early to be showing off the intricacies of this game right now. I'd love a 45 minute demo like the Phantom Pain one.

Fingers crossed we see more at Gamescom.

brokenbracket1247d ago

I honestly think the 3mins was perfect. It didn't show off too much, but made gamers intrigued. I know I am for the first time, intrigued to see more that is. I wasn't overly impressed at the 2014 E3 presentation, but the most recent presentation definitely got me interested to see more and what kind of direction they're going in. Before, it seemed like a non-objective exploration title, but now I see there's an actual point to the game lol.

elarcadia1247d ago

I am still on the fence about this game. The open world exploration of this game is mind-blowing, but I am still unclear as to the purpose. I understand that we are trying to get closer to the "center" of the universe, but why? Why do you collect materials? Why do you visit planets?

I just have a lot of questions I guess haha.

If they announce that you can use all the "materials" and "data" you collect to make your own planet (and not just upgrade weapons/your ship) I would seriously jump on that at a minutes notice. It would be so awesome to be able to develop your own planet from everything you collect.

Mikelarry1247d ago

I think the mystery is what makes this game interesting.

if they told you why you had to do the things you asked it might work in the games best interest. obviously this is my own take on your question not necessarily why the game devs have not answered said questions

elarcadia1247d ago

I definitely agree that the mystery and exploration is a huge part of the game. I guess I just want them to say there IS a purpose to this game, not necessarily tell us what it is. I am all about exploring; I spent way more time exploring caves and doing side quests in Skyrim than I did on the main story. However, there was a huge sense of accomplishment when I finally "beat" the main purpose of the game. I still go back and spend time exploring even now that I've "finished" the game, but actually having that "I did it!" moment was a huge part of why I loved Skyrim.

brokenbracket1247d ago

Haha, we're in the same boat man. I felt like it had no purpose before, now I have a little idea as to what the point of it all is. Can't wait to see more for sure.

iceman061247d ago

From my understanding, materials collecting is part of the survival/building aspect of the game. Materials are used to upgrade your ship, your weapons, and your suit (being able to withstand toxic and underwater environments for longer) so that you can further explore the universe. Visiting planets allows you to unearth discoveries that are then sent as "data" (which seems to be points that you accrue...possibly for some sort of RPG aspect). Plus, you get the chance to name your discoveries. (within the limits of the filters) Overall, the game is as open-ended as it gets...though there is that end goal of the center of the universe. I'm actually glad that part remains a mystery.

BitbyDeath1247d ago

Yep, basically planets leads to discoveries, discoveries leads to credits, credits lead to upgrades which you need to survive as it gets more dangerous towards the centre of the galaxy.

riverstars861247d ago

I'm going to buy this game, just don't know whether to get it for PS4 or PC. Have they confirmed if multiplayer in the game, gotta go PS4 with any multiplayer game.

TomLovesXBOX1247d ago

They have said you can play with your friends in the game so there is some type of multiplayer.

BitbyDeath1247d ago

Your friends might be on the other side of the galaxy though, you can play with them but finding them will be the tricky part.

riverstars861246d ago

Actually sounds like it would be fun finding your friends. I'm excited to play this! Hahaha

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