Just Cause 3 is a Bat-Shit Crazy, Next Generation Mercenaries That Never Was

OXCGN: Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction (2005) and Mercenaries: World in Flames (2008), were one my favourite titles back on the original Xbox, developed by the now defunct Pandemic Studios. They were every gamers dream of having an open world title where they could do almost anything they wanted. After seeing Just Cause 3 in action at the start of Square Enix’s E3 Press Conference, I must say I am excited for it’s open world gameplay that lets you ride a god-damn missile falling from the sky.

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bondigamer1149d ago

Yeah, and I thought Just Cause 2 was crazy.

obener1148d ago

didnt just cause happen because of glitches and continued like that as a game?