How Modern RPGs Can Make the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Better

Gamepedia: "For a lot of us gamers who remember our little grey, analog stick-less Playstation controllers fondly, a long-deferred dream came true during Sony’s E3 conference. Square was officially going to give Final Fantasy VII a second look, and not in that really trolly, yet oh so funny way they teased back during last year’s Playstation Experience conference. Nope, Square is committed to making an honest-to-goodness HD remake of the JRPG classic. This should excite you. This should frighten you."

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CaspuR1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Make Final fantasy 7 remake an action rpg....there i said it. You'll thank me later when you finally get to play as Cloud Tifa and Barret rather than "commanding" them.

Edit: People need to stop dancing around the topic and tackle it head on, everything is going to be fine in the game the only thing that really matters and whats really going to influence people one way or a another is the battle system thats it.A hundred articles on what scenes are going to be in the game or what they can improve are irrelevant atm since when have no idea how the games gonna play. Once we know that we can start weeding out what makes sense to come back and what doesn't

Army_of_Darkness1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

I prefer they keep the materia system as well as a slightly modified battle system to keep it like the original... Like Ni no Kuni's battle system for example would work great for ff7 remake cause I think it will stay true to the original while somewhat making it more up to date.

CaspuR1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Keep the materia system of course. But do you really want a FF7 remake playing like Ni no Kuni? I know Ni no Kuni is the rpg love child and all but come on people. Keeping it turn based is holding the game back just for an hour of a nostalgia trip (because really after that first mako reactor blows up thats it, reality gonna hit back like a ton of bricks). In this day and age i dont want to be teleported to another screen every time i want to battle its ridiculous. In an Hd final fantasy world do you want monsters on the world map bumping into you then you teleporting to a battle map? I want to explore the FF7 world I want the ability to attack wild life if I wanted to or just simply let them go on I want monstersto feel as if they live on the planet not just waiting for Cloud and friends to slaughter them for exp, If i want to run from a battle I want know actually run away from something not run in place looking at the opposite direction playing some sort of fuck up peek a boo with the monster.

insomnium21241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

If they change stuff the game won't be the same. If the game won't be the same it will be ruined for me.

An hour of nostalgia trip? Hell have you even played the game caspur? I still boot the original up on my PSP occasionally and play the crap out of it. It hasn't aged one bit.

The changes that can be made are skippable animations and cutscenes and bug fixes etc. Very very small things that truly benefits the player. They can't change the game's balance completely by putting in a new entire battle system. Don't be rediculous.

CaspuR1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Also just to point out, the writer states that final fantasy 7 should remain turn based but every single example he gave how final fantasy 7 can improve was from an ARPG......the irony. You guys really dont want it to be turn based as much as you think you do. Its ok if its not like the orginal, its ok if the only 2 games that still do turn based right are pokemon and persona, its time for change and my body is ready for some advent children combat.

Challenge of the Day: Show me a game thats not on a handheld system or named Persona thats selling multi millions and is still doing turn based combat past the year 2010? Lol I dont even think any single copy of Persona has sold that much tbh. But if you can find me a game that fits that bill ill shut up about making final fantasy 7 an ARPG.

Quickstrike1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

No, I actually want the old system to remain as untouched as possible. Most action RPGs aside from Kingdom Hearts are not that good on my opinion.

Edit: I think Neptunia is doing something right. They keep making Neptunia games left and right. If people are as tired of turn based combat then Neptunia wouldnt still be made turn based right?

Yes I know Neptunia U is like dynasty warriors, but thats called a spin off.

Also I'm pretty sure South Park the stick of truth sold well.

DaddyPoppa1241d ago

Stick of truth actually is a good example. But the combats not what sold the game for most people, i believe they even made a joke about the combat system in the game. My point is that u can have a turn based game and itll do well but its usually always in spite of the fact that its turn Based.

Quickstrike1241d ago

Yeah, they did make a joke about it. When I learned it was a turn based RPG, I knew I had to have it. It played like Super Mario RPG on the SNES with the button pressing for more damage\spin stick. I would be okay if the FF 7 remake had a similar battle system. As long as its not an action RPG battle system.

starcatcher1240d ago

I hope they make the combat
like kingdom hearts but better