Last-minute Batman: Arkham Knight PC preorder prices are obscenely low

Dealspwn: We're so close Batman fans! Tomorrow finally sees the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. PC gamers, we've got some great news for you as these prices are mind-blowingly cheap. If you're after the standard edition of Batman: Arkham Knight (also includes Harley Quinn DLC), it's only £15.20 / $24 on PC today. Hell, you can even get the Deluxe version with the Season Pass for just £23.75 / $37.60. Permission granted to feel smug PC gamers.

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fermcr1185d ago

Yep you pay more for the PC hardware, but dam... who doesn't love those prices for games.

€20.99 for the Batman: Arkham Knight PC version :)

bggriffiths1185d ago

I've been banging on about getting a rig for years. I really need to sort one out. Triple A titles for less than half price?! Wouldn't take that long to earn my money back. My backlog pile would get waaaay out of control though :)

Blues Cowboy1185d ago

Right on. Once you've taken the initial hit of buying/building the hardware it starts to pay for itself pretty fast.

Kalebninja1185d ago

Yeah the prices have been this low for a while. I always checked these sites before I buy something from the steam sales or even humble bundle. I got watch dogs + its season pass for 4 dollars. g2a and greenmangaming are good sites as well.