Forza Motorsport 6's Night Racing Will 'Stress You Out'

OX writes: "Forza Motorsport 6 finally brings two hugely fan-requested features to the series: night racing and wet weather. We caught up with the Forza series creative director Dan Greenawalt to find out how these change the Forza experience and how the career mode has changed for the better."

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DragonbornZ1271d ago

"'s pitch black out there in the sky. It's not a dark version of day with some stars in it, it's black.

Wish more games did Night like this.

green1271d ago

I agree. Le Mans 24hrs 2015 concluded last week sunday and if you watch the in car view of La mans night racing, your jaw will drop because they can hardly see sh*t

Now compare it to a game like Project cars and while it is still prety dark, it is nothing compared to how dark it is in real life

I think if they make it too realistic, it might almost be unplayable on some circuits. With time, we will findout.

BiggCMan1270d ago

I remember the first time I drove at night in the rain in Driveclub. I nearly shit myself cuz it was so scary. I had never seen a driving game do night as good as Driveclub. It definitely stressed me out, so it's nice to see Turn 10 finally stepping up the night gameplay.

Look at this from Driveclub, it's SO freaking scary to drive like this, but so beautiful at the same time.

kneon1270d ago

I did the 24hrs Le Mans on GT5 and had rain most of the night. My car was way too fast so between the dark and the rain and the spray coming off the cars in front visibility was near 0, and it was awesome.

cfc781270d ago

In the words of Richard Rawlins (Fast and Loud)

This games gonna shine like a diamond in a goats ass.

TheColbertinator1270d ago

Night racing is where it should be.

poppinslops1270d ago

Night raaaacing in the rain
Night raaaacing in the rain,
What a glorious feeling I'm
crashing again.

These 24 player races are gonna be brutal... No rewinds, NO MERCY!!!

Day 1

WizzroSupreme1270d ago

So Forza's the Dark Souls of racing now?