Tour De France 2015 Review - TXH

Neil writes "For those of us who love our cycling, the Tour De France is the pinnacle of the sport. It’s a time when men from around the world don their lycra, hop on their stupidly expensive bikes and battle it out across 21 stages for the right to be named champion of the Tour. The world has gone cycling crazy the last few years and what was once a bit of an overlooked sport, tarnished with drug taking and cheating from all corners, has turned into one of the biggest watched events the world over. The Tour De France encapsulates everything good, bad, beautiful and ugly about the sport and with the release of Tour De France 2015, the same can be said of the videogame."

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oKidUKo1034d ago

After watching some twitch streams of this new TDF game, I don't think it's worth a look for those casual cycling fans. Seems like it's all a chore.

Angeljuice1034d ago

It looks very similar game to the 2014 version. I picked it up for £8 on sale as I was intrigued as to how it would play.

I actually enjoyed it far more than I expected. It is a niche title for sure, but the hour long races and tactical emphasis are really quite refreshingly different.