Xbox One Update to bring back community gaming?

MWEB GameZone writes: "The Xbox One user interface (UI) experience hasn't lived up to expectations since its launch in November 2013.

Will the next ‪update improve the console to become the social home we came to love from Xbox 360?"

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christocolus1122d ago

According to a rumor on the xbox subredit forums, we might be getting BC in October and the new UI will launch sometime after that.

ZombieDreddZA1122d ago

The UI on the Xbox 360 took a few updates to reach its best, so pretty sure the same will be for Xbox One.

Concertoine1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

I think the UI got worse on 360 in recent years, mainly for the fact that it takes about 40 seconds for my 360 to boot up since they decided they should have the marketplace (which you immediately visit maybe 1/10 of the time you turn on your xbox) load with it.

NXE and the bladez 4eva

meche3341121d ago

why doesd it take 40 seconds it takes my 360 literally 10 secs to get to the dashboard

Mikelarry1122d ago

"Microsoft is doing away with the tiled interface"

thank God for that, i really did not like the tile interface. this new update does look interesting and i cant wait to try it out

iSuperSaiyanGod1122d ago

I liked it lol . Should just use the 360 one they have now

bOObies1122d ago

Looks fine, but two things worry me. Num1, what about the custom background pics. I happen to really like that and I don't see it in the video. Also, that huge thing in the middle will cover up everything if they don't add a transparency option like the current UI has. Lastly, it looks like they are taking away the backgrounds but adding plenty of spaces for new ad locations. Which really upsets me.

jcole971122d ago

Look at their xbox one new experience video on their youtube channel. It showes the custom backgrounds in the beginning.

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The story is too old to be commented.