Playstation Store Update - July 24


Full Games
-Siren Blood Curse (£19.99)

PSP Games
-Gangs Of London (£14.99)


Game Packs
-Siren Blood Curse Chapter 1: The Sirens Call (£6.99)

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paul_war3799d ago

Siren Blood Curse (aka Siren Hill) is nice I'll be getting that.

No Eden demo though - I don't think SCEE likes demos

nofilter3799d ago

We weren't expecting an Eden demo in Europe, it's next week.

paul_war3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Well the US are getting one, so I stupidly though we might get one as well.

But I guess I was hoping for to much, after all we don't even have demos for Elefunk or Siren!

I like the fact they can release the full games, but for some reason they are not able to manage demos/trial games, unlike the US.

nofilter3799d ago

We'll get a demo next week. In the meantime, you can just grab the US demo when it goes up tonight, no big deal.

Forbidden_Darkness3799d ago

If you dont already, you should think about making a US account to download demos and such.

paul_war3799d ago

I do have a US account, anyone in Europe has to, to get any decent content.

The point is I shouldn't have to. It’s just the blatant incompetency of SCEE.

nofilter3799d ago

It's got nothing to do with incompetency.

paul_war3799d ago

It has everything to do with incompetency.

I just don't understand why they can release full games without demos, when the demos are out in the US.

Also how demos/full games are out on the US PS Store & Xbox live worldwide (meaning they have been fully translated/localised etc), yet somehow fail to turn up until weeks later on the EU store.

It's incompetency.

Mc Fadge3799d ago

Australia gets jibbed too, sometimes worse :P

I've got a US, UK and JP account now, so I can get hold of content. It really is a shame that Sony doesn't communicate better worldwide

solidt123799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I am getting Siren in the US today. I am looking forward to this game. It's a Shame the Pixel Junk demo won't be world wide this week. Oh well the full game with Trophy and Music support is next week which I believe is worldwide.

Gamekilla3799d ago

in europe is a bigger a shame than lacking the eden demo....
£19.99 vs. $14.99? (i'm unsure of North American price)

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Mc Fadge3799d ago

Was terrible. It wasn't even the full one, and is it just me, or did it look worse than before?

Gamekilla3799d ago

just you, i blindly showed it off to my friends already having the one released on pc....disappointment ensued

Snarko3799d ago

The siren demo was pretty decent. Ill be getting the full game.

thor3799d ago

I will just say the time delay from the US getting content to the EU getting content has been SIGNIFICANTLY reduced recently. Pixeljunk eden demo is meant to be out next week, along with the full game (worldwide simultaneous release). I didn't expect siren to be released so soon here.

That said, there is some bureaucracy that we don't know about and THAT is the reason these games/demos are released later. It's not localisation in terms of language translations and suchlike, so it must be something like a drawn out quality assurance process or a lengthy rating classification process.

Milky3799d ago

Siren Blood Curse is fantastic game, definitely getting that. What I dont get though is why the chapters are overall more expensive than the full version. Why would anyone buy them ?