What’s the best Batman Arkham game?

"To pass the time before Arkham Knight launches, let me know what your favorite Batman Arkham game is so far. For me it has to be Arkham City."

In this opinion piece, Gamespresso's Steve takes a look at all of the Batman Arkham games and asks, which one is your favorite?

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Ezz20131276d ago

Played them all
Batman Arkham Origins for me is the best Batman game

(Didn't play Arkham Knight yet)

mattritchiegspresso1276d ago

What makes Arkham Origins the best for you? It's actually my least-favourite. It just doesn't feel as though it has as much detail as the others to me.

Ezz20131276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Best boss fights in any batman game..they were incredible
not a single boss fight from Arkkham asylum or city were as great or even close to great

For example
Look at the Bane fights in Origins and then look at how lame Bane fight in both Asylum and City


The story is much longer in Origins while City main story can be done in less than 5 hours
and much better too ...Batman was truly badass in that game


The music in Origins is just remind me of Dark Knight movies


Batman solving crimes is much better in origins
the way he analyze the crime scenes etc


The side missions are much better as well ..since you take on alot of batman enemies
and stop fights between cops and mobs


The joker was much more scary in this game
he's plan to take out batman was really good


The Gotham city feel much more dark and depressing


The combat system was the same as city but they add the electric knuckles and other things

It's just my opinion though

wannabe gamer1276d ago

lol the fight with deathstroke was a jke in origins. they hyped the fact that he was in the game and it was a huge selling point batman vs deathstroke. so we get ....1 short fight with him and then thats it. this over hyped rivalry just over and done with as if it was an after thought.

now im not saying origins is a bad game cause it really isnt. what it is tho is a cash grab reusing the assets from city and adding to it some small details. it isnt needed for the series and its really just a game for fans to enjoy but not really anything special at all. in fact if you play origins and then go to one of the other games you notice a huge difference in the timing of combat and it just feels yucky

Adexus1276d ago

Origins is on par with Asylum as my favourite, City was good but it lacked a lot of focus on the villains, they never got a decent amount of screen time.

LegoIsAwesome1276d ago

Agree. Origins was the best so far.

UKmilitia1276d ago

ive just realised i havent played origins or i have a really bad memory(which is a very high chance)

bjshepp1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I really dont get why people think Origins had the best boss fights. Other than Deathstroke and Joker which were glorified QTE fights at best, the bosses were literal copy and pasted from Arkham City. Copperhead was a rehash of the Ras al Ghul boss from AC, Killer Croc and Bane were reskinned Titan battles, and the final boss fight with Bane is essentially a dumbed down version of the Mr Freeze fight from Arkham City. With the exception of firefly,there was nothing creative or original about the boss fights in Origins.

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Hoffmann1276d ago

Batman Returns on SNES by Konami.

aquaticDonut1276d ago

Currently, City. That'll probably change tomorrow.

Bimkoblerutso1276d ago

I like the Metroidvania-feel of Asylum. Arkham City was ridiculously good as well, but I have always preferred tightly designed, content-packed settings to open world settings in video games. It's also why I love the Souls games so damn much.

MegaSackman1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Arkham City is the ultimate Batman game (to me)... at least until now.

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