Xbox Boss Phil Spencer: I Want To Give People A Choice

Acutegaming Says: Phil Spencer speak on Xbox exclusive, on how he want to give people choice in addition on how he wants Xbox to be the best TV Gaming platform (Xbox) but at the same time give people the choice to play the games when you’re not around the T.V and be able to play on your laptop

“As a gamer I play games on PC… I want to be able to play the games where I want to play them… I want to give people a choice.”

“There’s this kind of back channel frankly I don’t really subscribe to of you need to keep people from playing in certain places, somehow that’s the answer… I want to give people choice and with Xbox I want it to be the best TV gaming experience you can have but frankly if I’m not on my TV and I’m on my laptop, and want to play killer instinct, I want to play gear, I want to play fable, I should be able to do that and to try force people to buy something by excluding their choice.”

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Genuine-User1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Better late than never.

Mr Pumblechook1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Phil Spencer said "I should be able to do that and to try force people to buy something by excluding their choice.”

What about the people who made a choice to buy a PS4 and want to play Rise of the Tomb Raider? I understand the need for all the console companies to have exclusives to differentiate them but to then take shots at rivals for doing the same is absurd.

The choice he is talking about is playing Xbox One games on PC. It seems the choice is not always going to be native PC ports but XBO games on PC via remote play.

miyamoto1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Aren't PS4 games on PC too?
I guess PS4 especially exclusives beat Xbox One to it...
too late, Phil

Can't these MS Xbox employees make any decision without copying what PlayStation has done?

No wonder more gamers' CHOICE is the PS4

NukaCola1035d ago

Phil is the only Xbox rep in 10 years who isn't a raging douche. I like him and his views are very beneficial to Xbox being successful. MS has used their gaming marketing very maliciously and it's nice to see someone on the face of Xbox keeping the system for gamers.

This comes from a Playstation gamer for 20 years now.

catinthehat1035d ago

You can tell they are feeling the burn from Sony

subtenko1035d ago

I choose PS4 and PC Master Race gaming on Windows :)

Indeed it IS a choice that Microsoft allows a good portion of their xbox exclusives on PC. If none were on PC, I'd be gaming on the Xbox One right now, but I chose the PS4+PC combo, with a side order of mobile (Fallout Shelter) I guess dessert will be a VR headset.

Bathyj1034d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

Exactly what I was thinking. As someone whose played every Tombraider game (I may have skipped one or two)on a Playstation console with a Dualshock in my hands, I cant help but scoff at the well natured Mr Spencer's idea of giving me choices.

Hes taken my choices away from me from, but replaced them with other ones.

Either buy an XBOne and TR new (thats not going to happen.)

Or wait it out for the PS4 port.

Im going to choose to do the latter but then buy it 2nd hand which is rare for me. If I want a game I want to support the devs but not in this case.

I find the whole thing dirty since Tombraider has always been on Playstation, the vast majority of the sales of the reboot were on Playstation and I bought the reboot not only once, but twice when it came out later on PS4.

If actions speak louder than words, Crystal Dynamics actions are screaming FU to their fans, and its especially sad because its just after they resurrected a dying franchise, and had it not been for the help of Playstation gamers it might not have been such a success and in fact died. Had that happened MS wouldnt even be interested in this game.

badz1491034d ago

Choice LOL.

When they were the market leader, everything was about control, mandatory log in and propriety hardware but now that the gap is huge in Sony's favor, suddenly it's about "to give people a choice"!

1034d ago
Why o why1034d ago

timotim... I agree with what you said BUT Mr Spencer was right in there during their draconian push. He was even questioned on certain things and wasn't exactly transparent with his answers. For me, he's the best guy for the job but that doesn't exonerate him from all of the crap that ms tried to pull.

Does anybody know if he's actually good at games?

It would be interesting to know which VP of any of the main three game hard.

jrshankill1034d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

What about those who want to Play SFV on Xbox?

Oh wait.. I can.. by streaming it via Windows 10.

"I understand the need for all the console companies to have exclusives to differentiate them but to then take shots at rivals for doing the same is absurd." - Dude this has been going on since the SNES / Genesis days... it is nothing at all new.

avengers19781034d ago

@miyamoto some PS4 games like SFV are on PC, but not there first party titles. Uncharted, God of War, Killzone, Infamous, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Resistance, GT, TLOU, and LBP among others have never been on anything but a playstation product.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1035d ago

I respect phils movements. I'm definitely invested can't wait for Halo 5.

The Rare collection and backwards compatibility is just so huge for me. I can't wait to be able to play Red Dead on my x1 - hopefully it's added to the list of supported games when it launches.

kraenk121035d ago

I wouldn't set my hopes to high. Could turn out complex games like RDR could be harder to emulate.

UKmilitia1035d ago

seems many games play like expect huge problems with a game as big as RD

Dewitt1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Actually, several of the games I have tried from the preview program play better, faster load times, no tearing, locked framerate then on the old console. So I have no idea where you are getting this from militia.

Mikefizzled1035d ago

Mass Effect equates to many games? Other than that I've yet to hear any real issues regarding performance.

AngelicIceDiamond1035d ago

I want MS to make, Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Blade BC.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1035d ago

@kraenk12m I cant see them missing out on something as huge as Red Dead also I cant see Rockstar refusing it to be emulated as theres no signs of a remaster.

krypt19831035d ago

RDR is coming soon read it today it is the most requested game and the 360 emulator is amazing the games run better then the 360 version don't listen to the haters who don't even have a xbox, microsoft is taking over from here on out...

UnHoly_One1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

The people that are focused on Mass Effect not running well on Xbox One seem to forget the fact that it ran like dogcrap on the 360 in the first place.

Mass Effect was a great game, but from a performance standpoint it was quite possibly the worst performing game on the 360. The framerate was generally terrible, texture pop in was awful, and the load times were ridiculous.

I played a very small amount of it on my XB1 the first night BC went live, and it seemed very much the same to me in regards to framerate.

Granted, I'm going off of maybe 10 minutes of actual gameplay, and just going by my eyeballs and memory, so it's not exactly scientific.

_-EDMIX-_1034d ago

@Tim-"So Sony currently now runs a PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 business among others...and you don't seem to concern about them being able to support their multiple platforms"

...PS3 to PS4, isn't the same thing as XONE to PC. We are not talking about support from one to another, we are talking about duel, 100% support of both, with the exact same titles.

You can't play Uncharted 4, Horizon, The Order, Bloodborne etc on PS3. I'm not mad about the support, I'm merely stating that having your main exclusives on PC, makes it a CHOICE to buy an XONE to play them, only one choice to play Sony's exclusives...its their respective systems. ie Want Horizon....get a PS4, its not on Vita, its not coming to PS3.

I think we sorta know that isn't the same thing...not even a little.

" the same illogically argument about console only gamers bypassing an X1 to play these games on PC soley. Why would a WiiU gamer by Xbox games on a PC haha?"

Not really. bud. I game on both, you seem to think that "console" gamers is some type of person or something lol, we all game. I game on handheld, PC, console etc. I'm a gamer, period. I don't exclusively game on any 1 platform.

My argument is simple. If you own a PS4, Wii U and a have very little reasons to get a XONE if they are indeed bringing all their exclusives to PC.

When did I ever say something about "console only gamers"???

" Windows and Xbox that they can't effectively do if?"

Never said anything remotely like that bud. Merely that sales of hardware will suffer regardless. If you own a gaming PC, you are basically not going to have much reasons to get an XONE if they are doing this. Many game on BOTH! I'm a prime example of the gamer that won't get an XONE if they actually do this.

I game again on handheld, PC and console. I have no reason to buy an XONE if they actually go through with this. Face it bud....MS is out of the console race and they are merely making themselves an "option" and a "choice". I can have all the great XONE exclusives......without an XONE.

So it looks like its going to be PS and PC for my main gaming needs for the foreseeable future.

and I feel MS will do just fine with this set up aside from losing some sales for some gamers that might have been on the fence, hell for me its great, I was going to get an XONE, now its $350 plus I don't have to spend now.

Thanks M$ =) Big win for gamers indeed! I can save lots of money just going 1 console, 1 handheld and PC build for the rest of the generations!

1034d ago
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Magicite1035d ago ShowReplies(12)
Godmars2901035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Problem is that when the word "choice" was used by "old" MS PR people, money, additional costs to the consumer, where often if not always involved.

NeoGamer2321035d ago

I don't know how this is late.

No platform is satisfying my mobile needs yet.

Nintendo... Not at all...

PS... The lag for PS Now and Remote play is too much when I am on lower quality networks (Which is pretty much all the time I am not at home).

XB... We will see.

Spotie1035d ago

It'll be the same damn thing as "when I am on lower quality networks." Why would you think it'd be any different?

SniperControl1035d ago

Lag has nothing to do with the machine, it's all to do with the network you are on.

I have 0 lag at home on Remote Play or PS Now, i was in Japan last year and i had nearly 0 lag playing my PS4 in the UK via Remote Play on my hotels network.

NeoGamer2321034d ago

Lag only affect multiplayer and online game functions only. It does not affect a single player campaign that does not need a connected environment.

Not everywhere gives you a choice of networks. My home in the city is 0 lag. But, my second home is in a place where the only available internet is wireless. I don't have any other choice.

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BG115791035d ago

Why does Spencer speaks of choice? People always have the choice. That's why the original idea of the xbone got burried in a week or so.
Spencer speaks of giving choices, but true choice can only exist with competition, not an formated choice given by a company. These are nothing but an illusion.

InSpectre1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Can't help it BG. Most people aren't aware of basic mind manipulation techniques. The false choice is a classic one that is being used here.

As an example; your Mom might have asked you "Do you want green beans or broccoli for dinner?" You might not want either, but it gives you a sense of empowerment because you can "choose". However, Mom is the one who decided the two options for you. You didn't choose anything at all, your mother did. Spencer is doing the same thing in this case.

BeefCurtains1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Except the two options Spencer is giving are HUGE options. It's not broccoli and peas, it's EVERYTHING except PS4 exclusives. It's not mind games tinfoil hat, it's MS describing the options available to those that decide to participate.

headblackman1035d ago

how is it late if these consoles are still new and the choices were given shortly after the x1 released when phil was hired as the boss??? cut the hate out. plus why are you even here on an xbox topic? if you put the same time of effort into making sony do for it's consumers what it's supposed to do, then you wouldn't be so upset at the world. your only goal is to try and tare down something because it's better than what you've got. you sony guys have because nothing but internet bullies. grow up! stick to sony topics! leve xbox fans and microsoft alone and let us enjoy our brand.

on_line_forever1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Phil Spencer you are the best
I can buy xbox one but I don't enjoy playing on it .
I enjoy more on my powerful PC with cross play with my brother in his xbox one .
giving the people a choice in which platform they like to play on make the gaming more fun

Thank you Phil

wordthrower1035d ago

it's still pretty easy to shit on the xbone brand, but if you think phil spencer hasn't been busting his ass in an attempt to reverse the awful public image that mattrick and company cultivated it's because you haven't been paying attention.

Cueil1034d ago

Three Days Grace: Never Too Late

avengers19781034d ago

To be fair, Phi Spencer was not the head of XB1 when it first launch.

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DragonbornZ1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

I respect that, but consoles carry those type of requirements. You have to be here, on this console to play this game or that game. Having games available to more people is always nice, but these types of games are what define consoles.
He's been in the game (yall see what I did there??!) for a looong time, so I'm sure he knows what he's doing, but I hope this doesn't come back to bite xbox.

Though, windows 10 does seem to be all about unity. As awesome as that is, consoles aren't really.

Good points.

Death1035d ago

How many people that invested thousands in a gaming PC do you think buy a console because they have to? The choice to buy games for my console or PC sounds pretty exciting, especially if the experience is the same. Console manufacturers lose money on hardware and make it up on software. If Microsoft can reduce their loses on hardware and increase their software sales it is a win-win for them and gamers. The only thing they lose is bragging rights for consoles sold, but I'm sure the increased profits will offset that a little. Many people on this site don't want to acknowledge how many PC gamers are out there. Microsoft's install base is going to be growing very quickly relatively soon. If they pull this off successfully, the 10 or so million lead Sony has with the PS4 is going to look pretty insignificant.

1034d ago
Cueil1034d ago

You'll be buying them from Microsoft Store so it matters little to them

Zero1091035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

I can't stand when I see comment saying "What's the point of getting an x1 if all the games are coming to PC"?

So MS/consumers should just ignore the 10+ mill install base?
X1 is $400 and more consumer friendly than a PC (as in just plug and hassle)
Almost all titles will support cross play (now I can play with my many friends who only have an X1)
The avg consumer does not have a PC ("most" gamers don't have a good enough rig to run games at the level the x1/ps4 does).
The avg consumers buy/upgrade toward a console and their friends do as well
Last but not least, as Phil said himself, "Choice". That is, IMO, a gamers/consumers best feature. Knowing that I have another option gives me reassurance and faith in a product/company.

Edit: There are only gains when bringing games to PC. There is no downside to any of this.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1035d ago

Totally agree. I'm a PC gamer primarily but I also have consoles for their exclusives.

Everything you said is correct. I for one understand the need of easy plug and play which consoles provide.

I'm looking forward to Halo 5 on my x1 this fall and FallOut 4 on my pc.

Zero1091035d ago

I usually get everything on PC but when my friends get a game that has MP/co-op in it on a console, I'll get it on that system (I have this gens and last gens consoles) so I can play with them because they either:

don't have a PC
have a good enough rig to run the run
find consoles more convenient
some had already bought it on a specific console

With this, we all get games together. So everyone can stay in their comfort zone or price budget.

bmwfanatic1035d ago

I for one am glad sony will NEVER bring their first party games to pc.

Death1035d ago

Never say never. Sony sold off their first party PC studios just last year. With the PS4 being x86 based there is nothing from keeping Sony from porting to PC and increasing their userbase and profit potential. We already see this trend happening with their third party exclusives which are also going to PC. PSNow is also already targeting tablets and smart phones and this includes first party games.

JasonKCK1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

But Sony has brought games to PC, played a few of them.

Spotie1035d ago

Don't just make a claim and then have nothing to back it up. Which of their first party games are on PC, Jason?

Man, I swear, some of you will literally say whatever the hell you like, regardless of how stupid it is, and expect others to believe you.

starchild1035d ago


Of course you are. You're looking at it from a fanboy perspective not a gamer's perspective.

As a PC gamer I'm glad Microsoft is bringing more of their games to the PC. It doesn't hurt Xbox One owners. They still have all the same games they ever did.

The majority of console gamers will continue to buy consoles. If some PC gamers decide not to buy the console in addition to their PC, because they can get the Microsoft games they want on the PC, then Microsoft is better off just selling the games to them. The real money is made on software and services, not from console hardware sales.

Ravenheartzero1035d ago


That's Sony online. If you think uncharted, bloodborne, Gran turismo etc are coming to pc think again.

kstuffs1035d ago

And yet MS is anti-gamers when they don't bring XB1 exclusives to PC.

Spotie1035d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

@Death: Are you serious? SOE was primarily a PC studio to begin with. Rather than their games going from console to PC, it was the reverse.

Come on, man.

Edit: Yeah, no shit. DC Universe was on PC and PS3 to start with, but PC has always been lead(which is why new content always gets tested out there first). What's next? You gonna mention Planetside now?

Their last PlayStation only game was Untold Legends, nearly a decade ago. Since then, they've worked on well over a dozen games, and any that came to PlayStation also came to PC, or was a port from elsewhere. The sole exception is six year old Free Realms, which was a month behind on PC.

Really, man. Stop it. For all intents and purposes, SOE had been a PC-primary dev for nigh on a decade. If you're going back beyond that for your "quite a few," you're reaching quite a ways.

Zero1091035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

I wouldn't say "never" because no one knows what's going to happen in the future.

Nintendo might actually make a console that competes with Sony/MS.
The VR headsets might not cost as much as people think.
We might be able cross play all (most) multi plat titles in the future

You never know... what does Sony have to lose by bringing them to PC? Players will buy them on "both" and PC gamers will get to enjoy the higher fps/res. More people get and talk about the game. All which generate buzz and more sales and get more people into your company.

It's a win win no matter how any fanboy from either side sees it. All of this can also be said about Nintendo as well.

Death1034d ago


Sony Online Entertainment was responsible for DC Universe also. You are correct when you say Sony used SOE primarily for PC, but they were also responsible for quite a few PlayStation exclusives until Sony sold them off.

When PSNow hits tablets you will see a much larger library of first party games hit
PC unless you decide not to count tablets as PC's. The tablet I'm typing on now replaced my laptop last year and runs Office perfectly.

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battlegrog1035d ago

Nothings wrong with that comment.i would much rather give ms my money on my gaming pc on wimdows 10.the console is great for people that just want that and the pc os great for thst market. Why can't ms sell a cross system on both platforms. It's the same thing the same xbox dashboard .one just launches off the pc from the xbox app.

All it means is more sales in people say they want you to buy from the store and 8t don't matter if it's xbox one or wimdows 10.

StrayaKNT1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Id rather have a choice then no choice. Same with backward compatability which easily ended the console war.

The console with bc is the better console it's a no brainer really. Xbox will have hundreds more games and higher rated games (halo 1 is already the highest rated game playable on next gen consoles at 97) with new games being added the list it will get bigger and bigger. Xbox is also getting 30 titles in the rare collection.

Nyxus1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Ended? What do you mean?

Edit: While BC is undoubtedly a great feature, most people probably buy new consoles to play new games. Like the remasters, it's nice to have but new experiences are really the main dish here.

hello121035d ago

[email protected] There is no new games for PS4 name one big new first party title coming for PS4 this holiday?

MS E3 conference was about 2015 games and early spring 2016

Sony E3 was 2016 and beyond and beyond because most of the games they showed had no release dates.

Sony E3 was fine if your willing to wait to play a few good first party games. Most of the other stuff they showed was third party.

SniperControl1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

"There is no new games for PS4 name one big new first party title coming for PS4 this holiday?"

Name a big first party title that you played on your X1 since last November? See, goes both ways right.

Getting sick and tired of hearing the same old garbage argument used by people on here, both consoles are going to have or have had a dry patch this year.

1035d ago
Cupid_Viper_31035d ago

@ Aussie

Nice stealth edit there buddy. To everyone who missed it, he went full retard and said "MS bringing BC pretty much KILLED the console war."

My reaction....

Legacy2121035d ago

while it may lack first party exclusives it is getting persona 5 which is a sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed rpgs and is highly anticipated. Also june 30 it gets j star victory plus.

andibandit1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )


You are forgetting Sunset Overdrive, but anyways I didnt think either of the conferences of 2014 were good.

I made the jump from 360 to PS4(psn is same as username here), and must admit im thinking about getting a X1

BG115791035d ago

Until today no big exclusif came to the xbone in 2015. Is the xbone dead?

r2oB1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

@ andibandit

Sunset Overdrive was shown at Microsofts 2013 E3, and released a year and a half later. So it qualifies as a title that was shown but not released for a while, despite you trying to prove it otherwise.

People are giving credit to Microsoft for focusing their E3 on games releasing in 2015, but neglect the fact that of those 5 games announced, two of them were at last years e3 (Halo 5 and Tomb Raider), and one of them is a yearly franchise (Forza, so no surprise it was releasing in 2015, just like one will be releasing in 2016 and so on). So the only real surprise announcements for games releasing in 2015 were Gears Ultimate Edition (already leaked so no real surprise) and Fable Legends.

The best part of Microsofts 2015 e3 was the new IPs announced and the announcement of backwards compatibility. This whole "focus on games releasing in 2015" is being blown out of proportion for reasons stated above.

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emilijo7771035d ago

Gamers have spoken:

PS4 22.3 million shipped
Xbox One around 13 million shipped

Bloodborne metacritic 92 - higher rated than any Xbox One exclusive

kbozz711035d ago

So the 13 million XBox buyers aren't gamers? Ok, fanboys will be fanboys. But when the pc master race gets added to the XBox numbers, that 22 million will will not be able to withstand. And Bloodborne? Great game, but it's only one game. It must suck only having one option for gaming though.

corroios1035d ago

While one showmore of the same, the other show games that gamers dream. The hype is even bigger. People are still talking about sony e3... The others not really. People can talk all they want but one year of gaming is not just abou t a couple of months.

The trend of this is gen is more then set,like it or not halo, forza gears jus isnt enough to be on top. All 3rd party know that and thats why all big blockbusters will have more content on ps4.

Death1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

To be fair, Shenmue has a target release of December 2017 and will also release on PC.

FFVII PC ports are coming this year to ios and PS4, the remake has no target date/year and isn't listed as exclusive, just coming to PS4 first.

Horizon looks awesome so far, but once again has no release date/year. This is a first party exclusive.

With both consoles launching in 2013 and tentative dates for these games in 2017/2018, how much excitement should we have for games being announced today that will be coming towards the end of this console generation? That's not dropping a bomb, that's telling us about a bomb they are going to be dropping years from now.

BlackTar1871035d ago

Same excitement you probably had for and have for the below
Phantom dust