8 Awesome Free-To-Play Games (That Won't Drain Your Wallet)

Forget the cash-sinks: here are eight excellent free-to-play games that aren’t ‘pay-to-win’.

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Khajiit861247d ago

Hearthstone is amazing. Have never really been into WOW or anything like that but Hearthstone was so good it actually made me go and play WOW for a while.

Palitera1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Clash of Clans is also very fair to non payers and all you can do paying is upgrades that will match you with people also upgraded. You'll still need to know how to defend and attack well, which you probably won't if you rush through the evolution.

lemoncake1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

boom beach and hay day are equally fair from same developer. Plants vs zombies 2 is also very good, not spent a penny on it and has new content all the time.

Fallout shelter is good, hopefully they support it with new content .

Nerdmaster1247d ago

I've been playing Final Fantasy Record Keeper since its release.

Stick891247d ago

I might be the minority but I feel that Warframe is a great option as well. As far as I can tell everything can be earned through just playing the game. The premium currency is also tradable among players so you earn that without even paying real money for it.

isarai1247d ago

Not sure why you got a disagree, there's literally nothing you can't earn yourself, just takes time

caffman1247d ago

Fallout shelter is so goddamn addictive!!!

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