Batman: Arkham Knight launch: time zones, day one patch and more

Make sure you're ready for the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight with Pixel Dynamo's guide to its digital and physical launches, time zone differences, the day one patch, and participating retailers for physical launch parties.

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loganbdh1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

I already have this preloaded...i wonder if there is any way to play this faster?

wannabe gamer1032d ago

nope they encrypt preoads so you cant just change the clock and play. its got to get the go ahead to decrypt from the auth servers

PaleMoonDeath1032d ago

Trying to get the pre-load started on the PS4, it's just saying "Error occured" :(

PaleMoonDeath1032d ago

Tried it, same thing dude! apparently there in no data to download, or too much traffic, here's hoping it sorts itself out!

Travis37081031d ago

It worked perfectly for me on PS4, try it again.

oIITSBIIo1032d ago

Finished downloading the game on steam, waiting for the release hour...