Star Wars Battlefront E3 Hands-on Preview (PSU)

PlayStation Universe goes hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront.

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REDGUM1035d ago

Reaaly looking forward to this game. It looks fantastic.

I have just one question, and a silly one to most of you at that.
I love the battlefield series. The team play portion of it especially however Hardline (and in some respects battlefield 4) lost my interest as the timeframe from the first bullet hitting you to the time you hit the floor (Hardline in particular) was way too fast to my liking. Feeling more COD paced and the need for a medic or engineer nearly pointless as by the time you pull out the kit often getting killed in the process.
My reaction skills have somewhat deminished over these past 40 years needless to say.....

So..... Back to my question...... Is it a quicker or slower death in Battlefront compared to Hardline or even up against Battlefield 4 for that matter.

I know it means little to you I'm sure but to me it's the difference of a BUY or PASS on a game..

Thanks in advance :)

jonnyvito1035d ago

Thanks for the question. I've forwarded it to the writer so will reply asap.