RACE Pro: New images released

RACE Pro: New images released

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pp3674d ago

Any racing games got to be better than gran turismo

Ps3Fanboy7773674d ago

Id argue but what you said is just down right retarded.

yoghurt3674d ago

doesnt look any different to grid, in fact grid is better

xtreampro3674d ago

at first i thaught i was looking at Grid, it has that brown look to the game just like GRID, i wouldn't say GRID looks better then this, but its does look exactly like GRID

slayer83674d ago

Looking good, I like racing games, but a game must have damage to be considered a 'true' racing game.

Kyur4ThePain3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Does a golf game have to make you look for your ball after a bad shot to be a true golf game?
Does GH have to have broken strings to be true music game?
Does a sports game have to have player injuries to be a true sports game?
Just asking.
Sounds like you're referring more to a "crasher" rather than a "racer".

On Topic - The pics look ok. But for a racer, above all, the "feel" has to be right for it to work...looks aren't that important.
I hate GRID because it just doesn't have the feel.

creeping judas3674d ago

I couldnt agree more with on the GRID topic!!!!

there really are only a few games that feel like racers out there(on a console), GT1, GT2, Forza1 and Forza2.

I hope this game turns out to be as good as the other games in SimBin's library!!!

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