There Is A Sale On Video Games, Apparently

Kotaku: "You won’t believe this, because they’re so subtle, but every so often EB Games—the Australian outpost of GameStop— has a sale. And yes, this is how they advertize those sales."

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Captain_Wormy1151d ago

Yolo swag sale hahah. Now that's funny.

ZaWarudo1151d ago

Kinda over-doing it a bit, yeah?

Whymii1151d ago

EB stores, you've seen one you've seen them all.

FinalFantasyFanatic1151d ago

Funny thing, I live in Australia and the store in my town does this too. Then again, EB almost, always has a sale going on.

Pozzle1151d ago

Same. I don't think I've ever seen my local EB Games NOT looking like this.

Jimkahn1151d ago

it's a trap! the games are still more expensive with their sales than every other store.