Fallout 4 Questions and Theories

Fallout 4's E3 showing was a strong one and it left behind a lot of questions and places to speculate. Here are some questions and ideas about the game.

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Nero21421037d ago

Im sure plot will go around finding your family, what other point you would have after leaving your vault ? I bet some ppl came out earlier than you and i bet you will find your grown up child, mb as a leader of enemy fraction ?

seraphim_rayn1037d ago

They say in the article "you emerge 200 years after as the only survivor of vault 111." Meaning it's highly unlikely, some would say impossible, for you to find your kid all grown up or others who left first..

Oreic1037d ago

I doubt Todd would've said "You emerge 200 years later as one of the few survivors of vault 111, the others being your family, and that one funny guy, Carl." By saying "the only survivor" he sets up a mystery or a diversion in the minds of the general public. I doubt he'd spoil much.

Fin_The_Human1037d ago

I heard the map is tree times larger than Skyrim and is more alive.

If true then my social life is pretty much over.

WizzroSupreme1037d ago

I wonder if you'll meet your descendants' descendants...