R.I.P. Silent Hills

Rely on Horror: "We said our last goodbye."

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wolf5811004d ago

nah the project its so good that someone some day will refund it......

VsAssassin1004d ago

What I don't understand is why Sony is completely mum about this. I know they don't own the series in anyway, but since PT has been associated with the PS4, they should at least say something. Maybe TGS? :(

darren_poolies1004d ago

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if Sony picked it up and announced it at TGS or next E3.

ABBAJESUS1004d ago

Would be good suprise for next E3

DrRobotnik1004d ago

Maybe this needs a kick starter as well. These big developers today(Konami, Cap com, Sega, etc.)have no balls anymore. They just play it safe to the point it's sickening.

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