Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Money Won't Go To Sony, Explains Another Shenmue Partner

CEO of Shibuya Productions, co-producer of Shenmue 3, confirms that Sony won't be getting any money from the Kickstarter.

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Articuno761274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

So we know the KS money won't go to Sony. But Dan's comment was also vague, sounding like Sony would be funding Shenmue in part. Or does he mean non-development funding (publishing/marketing?).

Think I'll ask.

nicksetzer11274d ago

Umm, obviously Sony isn't taking the money. That would not only be illegal but also defeat the purpose. I don't think anyone thought Sony was taking the money.

I just don't think that Sony should be footing the bill for a game that they are funding and promoting. If it becomes a norm that to get a game we have to raise 2+ million in order to get the game. Not a future I am looking forward to.

Taero1274d ago

Isn't this how kickstarter works though? You kick start the project giving it enough money to get off the ground, it then either completes with that money or uses it to raise extra funding. Star citizen works that exact way right? They raised like $80mill and still go funding through private investment.

Spotie1274d ago

Would you freaking stop already?

"don't think that Sony should be footing the bill for a game that they are funding and promoting."

Isn't that redundant? If you're funding and promoting it, aren't you footing the bill?

What the hell makes you think it will become the norm? This is an old IP that had a lot of talk from the fans; with the money raised coming from said fans, that lets the creator, Sony, and everybody else know the demand wasn't all talk. It's not like this could possibly work for every game.

But you're so busy spreading FUD you're not even bothering to use your head.

nicksetzer11274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

If the private funding is done privately, it is fine. When you have a publisher promoting a kickstarter to raise funds it is different completely. If you cannot see the difference that is just sad.

Again, if you want to have to complete a kickstarter every time a game comes out so that the risk is lower for the publisher, then I guess that is your right to feel that way. I personally don't want to have to be responsible for partially funding games for Sony, MS, Nintendo, etc.

@spotie are you going to follow me around claiming I am a fanboy spreading lies every time I say something that isn't positive for Sony? Get over yourself, I hold 100% equal expectations for MS and Sony and unlike you I don't have to contradict mysepf everytime just to defend one company over another. If you want to fund all of sony/MS/nintendo projects then again, you can feel that way, I have no problem with that. Why do you have such an issue with the fact that I don't want that?

I can guarantee if MS were to promote a kickstarter for a game they were funding at gamescom you would be first on the list to complain. In my case I will complain then just as I am here. I don't want that future.

kayoss1274d ago

I agree with you on this. Shenmue is an old franchise and lots of developers probably feels that making this game without knowing what the public wants is a risk. Making a AAA game is not cheap and you're looking at somewhere between $30 to $50 million (including marketing) dollars to make. This is a big investment and they have to make sure that they lost.

nicksetzer11274d ago

@spotie "Isn't that redundant? If you're funding and promoting it, aren't you footing the bill?"

Yes, it was a typo, I meant "sony shouldn't be footing the bill to the fans." Didn't realize I had said that incorrectly until just now, had just gotten abead of myself when typing. It happens.

Outside_ofthe_Box1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

*******"I meant "sony shouldn't be footing the bill to the fans.""*******

Why do you continue to spread lies? Especially after the links people provided in the other thread which prove the contrary?

Sony isn't footing the bill to fans it's Suzuki taht's footing the bill or SEGA (if you want to get technical) for allowing him to do it.

From what I'm able to gather, Sony is only paying for marketing and PS4 port. While the kickstarter money is for the actual development cost for PC.

I'll post this link and the other one again so that you can't say I'm making stuff up:

Again if your issue is that Kickstarter is being used then blame Suzuki/SEGA. Suzuki was the one that came to Sony and was the one that wanted to do it via kickstarter:

"It began from MY suggestion (to SCE), that is "Are you interested in Shenmue 3 project?""

"But I had reported that I want to do it with Kickstarter, so we took such style."

I really don't know what your problem is.

nicksetzer11274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Where are these lies you keep claiming? Your ignorance does not make actual events and quotes false, it just means you aren't informed. You do realize Sony greenlighting a project then asking for fans to give money to that project is footing the bill. (not the whole bill obviously) Again, I truly hope MS or Nontendo take one of the games they are gunding and ask fans to fund it through kickstarter, I would love to hear how it is such a great thing then. I personally think it is a bad practice no matter who does it.


"We said, ‘the only way this is going to happen is if fans speak up,’ and we thought Kickstarter was the perfect place to do this. So we set a goal for $2 million and if the fans come in and back it, then absolutely, we’re going to make this a reality. So, Sony and PlayStation are definitely a partner in this game, and it’s going to be run through Third Party Productions with Ys Net. We’re going to get the game done. We’re going to be partners the whole way, and we’re really excited to see this thing come out in a couple of years.”

There is no way to interpret that incorrectly. Marketing does not "get a game done" and marketing is not partnering "the whole way" as marketing is usually the last couple months of developement to release. Noone has said anything different, you are just imagining it. In fact, shuhei

Says nothing about marketing, but also mentions very specifically helping "make" make the game. Marketing again doesn't in any way "make" a game.

Even more to the point, adam himsepf said "we are providing money" and then followed later to say they are also doing marketing. Why would he say they are giving money to them, then seperately talk about marketing? The answer is that it is not just marketing they are supporting.

Even if marketing were all, it doesn't change that Sony is funding the game and has every means to have had the game funded. They chose to instead foot part of the bill to their fan base. Again though, you sadly choose to deny the facts and would rather believe your fairy tale ending. Meanwhile criticizing me for not doing that. If you want to delude yourself feel free, but don't claim me a fanboy because I am not some drivelling idiot who cannot acceot the reality of the situation.

Outside_ofthe_Box1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Man I honestly don't know what to say to you.

At the very least, if you are truly "objective" then the quotes and links I've provided you should AT LEAST make you question why things are conflicting/contradicting each other and whether or not you have the full knowings and the whole picture, but instead you choose to ignore anything that doesn't support your agenda.

May I please ask you why are you ignoring the quotes I've provided lol? What are your thoughts on them? Why would they say those things if Kickstarter was Sony's idea or if Sony is funding for development cost?

No where in the quotes you have provided does it explicitly say that Sony themselves are paying for the development costs for the game. That is a FACT. Not my imagination, but a fact. You cannot deny this.

Since when has Sony ever provided money to developing a game and not keep it exclusive? If Sony was indeed funding the game it would be a PS4 game first with the PC version being a Port. We now know for a FACT that the PS4 version is the port.

Hell, the first link that YOU provided

“It’s a very exciting project and there are lots of PlayStation fans asking for it. But it’s a Sega IP and of course Suzuki Yu-san is the creator. So somehow Suzuki-san was able to work out with Sega to allow them to Kickstart the project. And because we liked the project, our third-party relations team struck a deal to help Kickstart the campaign at the E3 conference. That’s great PR.”

Why are you IGNORING this quote? Suzuki was able to work out a deal with Sega to kickstart Shenmue 3, not Sony, but Sega. This was EXPLICITLY stated. Not an interpretation. Let me guess you're going to ignore this too because it doesn't fit your agenda right?

What are your thoughts on Suzuki's quotes?

"It began from MY suggestion (to SCE), that is "Are you interested in Shenmue 3 project?""

"But I had reported that I want to do it with Kickstarter, so we took such style."

"I will say this: if we reach the $5 mil mark, one of the things I really want to do with Shenmue 3 will become a reality. At $10 million, it will truly have the features of an open world."

Why would he say any of these things? Please tell me how any of what he said fits in with your story that Sony is responsible for kickstarter and that Sony was using kickstart to get some initial money and test interest then fund the rest? Why isn't Shenmue 3 exclusive if Sony is funding it?

You claim I have a fairy tale ending, but I've provided you with explicit quotes which you choose to ignore exists.


LOL I just read the article for this thread. Did you read it nick? It actually explains everything I've been trying to tell you.

nicksetzer11274d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

@outside "Why would they say those things if Kickstarter was Sony's idea"

The kickstarter wasn't Sony's idea, but they did promote it at E3 they did already plan to fund the game.

The only one ignoring facts is you. The video I posted they ask "can you specify how Sony is supporting this game?" To which adam responds with:
"As far as funding goes Sony is of course going to help fund this game and make sure it is the best possible game but we never disclose an amount."

He then went on to say:
"And from a marketing perspective we plan to get behind it in a big way."

If the funding is for marketing why seperate them?

That aside what gio corsi said is undeniable, you just choose to because you are a blind follower. Can you explain what you think all of these comments about finding are? Corsey says they are providing funding if the goal was met and would be funding from atart to end. Marketing is not done at the start, so jow exactly are they funding at the start for marketing for a game not even started yet?

Not to mention shuhei also saying of course they are going to find the game.

You claim I am not responding to your links, but you are the only one ignoring links. Your links are simply yu saying he wanted to go that way.

nicksetzer11273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

@outside in fact, even this article states they are funding developement to some extent, they state it matter of factly.

"Sony is providing various supports, including marketing and investment, to YSNet"

Notice he didn't say marketing and marketing.....

Outside_ofthe_Box1273d ago

I'm not ignoring anything you have stated.

I'm pointing out that none of the people and the quotes you have provided explicitly states what the funding is for. You assuming that's for development cost. I'm telling that it's for the PS4 port and marketing. Why am I saying this because there are quotes that explicitly state this that's why. Also after read the article in this thread it seems that Sony is investing in YSNET so that's probably what them ment by once the goal reached 2 mil, they'd buy stock.

I have no blind following your just a blind hater that is never willing to admit that you are wrong. Again if you were truly trying to be objective about the situation you would at least admit that you could be wrong given Suzuki's statements.

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medman1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Was anybody really thinking Sony was going to pocket the kickstarter money? Sony did the developer a solid by promoting the kickstarter on their stage, which is the biggest stage for video games in the world. Where is the problem?

Asuka1274d ago

As i mentioned below because it was on kickstarter, the IP is going to stay with the original content creator regardless if a third party publisher(e.g Sony) is helping to additionally fund the project. This is why we are not seeing a Shenmue 1 and 2 HD remaster because the publisher (Sega) holds the IP

LordMaim1274d ago

After the success of the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter, maybe Sega will take the opportunity to do so! :)

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1274d ago

Why can't people just be happy it's coming? I know the integrity of crowd funding is important and all but it seems like people are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. How could Sony NOT back this project after the record breaking crowdfunding it recieved? 2 million dollars wouldn't have covered this. Just let them handle the game and let Sony handle the marketing/publishing.

plsburydoughboy1274d ago

Sony said in E3 it wasn't their project, and then they said they were partners in making the game. Basically, Sony's statements made it seem like something suspicious was going on.

I can understand why you feel people are overreacting, there is certainly some of that, but consider the cases of Project CARS and 38 Studios. Sony and Yu Suzuki was on the road to getting investigated by the authorities! They really couldn't take it lightly.

iceman061274d ago

I don't understand WHY people thought that the word "partner" made Sony suspicious? Within large kickstarters there are often many "partners" (most of which are high level investors). Launching the kickstarter on the stage could have been the extent of the partnership for all we knew.
The issue isn't that, so much as it is that the facts have been laid out in the kickstarter and STILL people keep questioning the intent of Sony (who has said over and over that they intend to market and provide resources for a PS4 port). Sony pocketing $3 million is about as petty as you or me stealing $20. Sure, it might happen. But, it's really not worth the risk. Especially as high profile as this kickstarter has become.

HawaiianDreads1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Geez how many times do these guys have to explain themselves about this? The info is out there, we know everyone roles, so what is the problem? Honestly I want this game to succeed, I really do but with all this misinformation flying around, I have the feeling the kick-starter is going to fail. Truly hope I'm wrong though.

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Rookie_Monster1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

This part of the article is interesting:

"However, SONY is just one of many backers of #Shenmue3” and that Sony would not be receiving any money from the Kickstarter fund; they would actually be putting out money to finance the PlayStation 4 version."

Does the mean if MS decides to put in their sum and finance a XB1 version, it is possible? Interesting indeed. I am going to tweet Phil Spencer and ask him about it. The Last person that tweeted him and wrote him an essay about wanting BC, Phil listened and made the dream came true. I will give it a shot with Shenmue 3. :)

Edit below at berserker.

"Many console players who are fans of shenmue are going to buy ps4 to play it. Brilliant stuff from sony as usual."

Lmfao, this game is not being made yet and won't be out until 2018, the earliest plus it is coming to my Windows PC with a superior version just like SFV, No Man's Sky and FF7 if the XB1 version is not made. No biggie. PC always win. ;)

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HawaiianDreads1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Yes it's possible, Yu even said that the game can come to more systems, but if the kick-starter fail, then nobody get the game, so spread the word and correct these so call journalist who's spreading misinformation around the net.

Outside_ofthe_Box1274d ago

Yes MS can finance XB1 version. The question is, if it's worth it for them to do so. Sony has marketing so MS wouldn't be able to market that a XB1 version exists. And given Shenmue's track record in regards to making back a profit, MS might not be willing to rely on word of mouth for the XB1 version to sell.

But, yes, XB1 version is definitely possible as long MS is willing to finance it, based off the information we have so far.

rainslacker1273d ago

It may be good to do just for the fact that it steals some thunder away from Sony, and gives them street cred for supporting a game that is an old-school gamers game. Good will and all that.

Other than that, I say they should go for it. I'd love for the game to sell well across the board. I don't think many people realize how brilliant Yu Suzuki can be in his game design. They want original and innovative, then look no further. Although Shenmue will probably be more an old-school for the fans project

iceman061274d ago

Seems like that would ultimately be up to Yu Suzuki and MS, though there might be some language in the marketing partnership between Sony and Yu's studio.

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