Steam Encore Sale ends today - Grab these amazing games at massive discount

MWEB GameZone writes: "The Encore Sale ends in a few hours, so it's time you throw all caution overboard. In case all the options confuse you, focus on these, we assure you, all of the following games are totally worth buying."

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DesVader971d ago

Got quiite a few notifications for games on my wishlist that are on sale. Need to grab them today. Oh my poor credit card!!!

HoldenZA971d ago

Im too poor.....even for sales.

Tiqila971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

spent so much money, freaking steam sales!

SonZeRo971d ago

Steam trying to flog dead wallets for a final time this month.

ATi_Elite971d ago

I have come to a realization that Steam has changed gaming again.

Steams view of gaming fun is not playing the games but the entertainment comes from seeing how many games you can buy for $20 or $30.

Oh and don't forget the never ending hunt for the triple A title that's now $2.99.

I spend hours buying games I'll never play but it's So fun

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