Shenmue 3 Kickstarter update suggests Xbox One version could be added as a reward

Shenmue's 3 console exclusivity on PS4 looks ever more uncertain today after Ys Net updated its Kickstarter FAQ.

The answer to the question about additional platform versions now reads: "Currently we are planning development only for PC (Windows) and PS4. Other platforms have not been decided yet. If other platform versions were added as rewards, an announcement would be made on the update page."

This suggests that an Xbox One version could be added as a stretch goal reward.

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masterfox1242d ago

MS didn't care about this, is Sony and the fans on why Shemue III is coming, it should stay exclusive for a lot of reasons.

die_fiend1242d ago

Well MS did bring Shenmue to consoles back in the original Xbox days. So I was quite surprised to see Sony take the mantle instead, but given they're Japanese, it's not entirely unexpected.

MS are too concerned with Gears, Halo and Fable at present, just like they were 8 years ago. Stuck in the past.

Mikefizzled1242d ago

Honestly I think he would have gone with Japanese Sony over American Microsoft given the choice. Phil said had tried to get things moving back in 2013 but at the end of the day Shenmue was a flop so they may have decided against it.

Naga1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Stuck in the past?? You are calling MS "stuck in the past" because they are more concerned with 3 of their biggest hit franchises more than Shenmue, which is so old that it predates the original Xbox?

Do you even logic, bro?

TwoForce1242d ago

Well, I understand that. But it not like that.

Loktai1242d ago

What do you mean MS brought shenmue to consoles? It was a dreamcast game and Microsoft actually bought US exclusivity of the game after the first one sold poorly in the USA, which made alot of US dreamcast fans pretty upset, if they wanted to play the dreamcast version in english they had to get it from Europe.

The XBOX version was fine and I played it,
I wouldnt have bought the XBOX FOR it but I had an
xbox so why not? Easier than getting an import DC game.

Neonridr1242d ago

@Loktai - and I bet you wouldn't have bought a PS4 for Shenmue 3 either. Great that it's coming, but don't pretend like this game is going to move 5 million units or anything..

Kingdomcome2471242d ago

Do you even think about what you type? Shenmue predates Halo, Gears, and Fable.

343_Guilty_Spark1242d ago

I guess you just gloss over new IPs like ori, Screamride, Quantum Break, scalebound, Sea of Thieves, ReCore.

Yea same ole tired ass argument.

NeoGamer2321242d ago

The same could be said for Sony. So far all they've really delivered from first party studios this gen is sequels and re-masters.

infamous, Uncharted, Killzone, TLOU, LBP.

Nirvana315911242d ago

Shenmue 2 cost $60 million to make and if Shenmue 3 is anywhere near the size and scope of its predecessor, it'd require well over 200 million to make. Now either Suzuki can make a crap game from the $5 million Kickstarter fund OR Sony is going to provide the rest of the funding. If Sony does provide that funding, there is no way it's coming to any other platform. Maybe the "reward" they're talking about is a PS3 version?

jamsam3601242d ago

So your not saying Shenmue is not stuck in the past come on get over your selves. Shenmue is old as hell, yet I as a Xbox gamer would love to finish the story as much as everyone else what makes PS Fans so jaded. Its a game for gamers. PS you all sound selfish as hell. Saying only Ps should get it. Come on.

UltraNova1241d ago

Until we learn exactly what the deal between Suzuki and Sony is everything remains on the table.

3 possibilities for now:

1) Sony is directly funding the game's development = No chance for an xb1 version

2)Sony is only footing the bill for a ps4 port = Great chance for an xb1 version, if PC and PS4 sales are good enough(there's no way he can develop on 3 platforms at the same time on a limited budget)

3) Sony is providing the marketing for timed-console exclusivity.

In the end, no matter how you look at it SU needs as much money and support as he can get and Sony will have the first and last word depending on how much they'll get involved(being a Japanese company, helps as well).


Oh do you mean when peter moore dismantled Sega of america, and jumped ship to microsoft bringing all the Sega titles with him?

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Sm00thNinja1242d ago

This is stupid how much did Sony care if they weren't willing to fund it's development initially? Let's be rational

Septic1242d ago

Either way, Sony are helping with development on this now so don't expect this to come out on X1

Mr_Writer851242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Enough to pay for a port of a IP they don't own.



I don't think they are, I believe they offered support, and I have a feeling they are paying for a port, and in the terms like with any indie developer they have gotten timed console exclusivity as part of the port deal.

Shu has come out and said it's just like any other 3rd party indie deal they help, they market the game but I don't think they are helping with development.

"It's the third-party relations team's work. They've been supporting many indie developers - you've seen Adam Boyes or Shahid Ahmad showcasing indie developers over the last few years. When the third party relations team identifies some great indie game being developed they strike a deal so it comes on PlayStation first on console, or something like that.

"There's a variety of ways of support, including financial support. When the game's not being funded at that point, the developer has to come up with some funding themselves, for third party relations team to help - because third party relations is third party relations - if we fund the project then it's first party! It's my job! There's a great difference. If Suzuki's Kickstarter is successful [and very quickly after our conversation it was], SCEA will add funding and other support."

IIFloodyII1242d ago

@Septic, Sony are only helping them with PS4 development, and that's probably just giving the dev kits are minor support.

oasdada1239d ago

Suzuki didnt want it to a publishing deal instead wanted to do a kickstarter

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2cents1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Look up on google how many times Mr. spencer himself has spoken of shenmue. And as die-fiend mentioned, Shenmue 2 was on xbox duh.

You are spouting nonsense.

Edit: Also using the same tired old argument that many use when talking about a game that is also coming to PC... Shenmue 3 Best on PC.

Edit 2: Also... if this is the case and they offer a reward goal for xbox then Mr Spencer should be digging deep into MS's coffers and putting up the amount needed, if they are really serious about having Shenmue 3 on xbox.

What a strange way to announce a game that crosses generations and consoles.

ManOfTheYear11242d ago

Wow so if this goes onto XB1, sony fans would have helped kickstart an XB1 game....

So Sony's conference truely was the multiplat conference of a lifetime...

Funny how last gen MS was chastised for having multiplat conferences while Sony was praised for bringing suddenly this gen the winner of E3 is who brings the multiplats...

Funny how that changed huh? Wonder what happened, oh ya...its sony so its okay.

joeorc1242d ago

Yes...yes..let's just ignore the other 44 exclusives, that are ps4 only that were playable and are set to release for the Sony Booth hey how many exclusives that were playable did Microsoft have at its booth that are exclusive to the xbox one set to release for 2015 i guess they also had 44+

playable exclusives to play on the Xbox that are set for release in 2015....

Yeah, because Sony just relies only on Multiplats, sorta like Microsoft talking about PC and Windows 10 OS in the same breadth in talking about the Xbox platform.

3ndulg31241d ago

So true but I dare any diehard sony fan to admit it.And to you sony fans xbox one is something you complaining no pleasing dummies need to worry about sony playstation.Maybe everyone would want a playstation if that was the case.

SockeyBoy1241d ago

Predicting it now; Shenmue 3 will come to Xbox One

rainslacker1241d ago

As a Sony fan, I'm fine with it. If the game gets made, I want it to sell well, and if it can make money on the Xbox, then I say Suzuki should go for it. Since DC fans got scattered across different platforms, and since US Xbox owners were the only ones that had convenient access to Shenmue 2 so there may be a fan base there, it makes sense to also release on Xbox One.

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TheXgamerLive1242d ago

The original Shenmue was on Xbox so why should it stay exclusive little man? why?

Instead of retarded one sided fanboyism, open your mind. Most devs wants multiplat bc of money $$$$$, they don't give a sh&t about console wars.

carmelo431241d ago

shenmue didnt first come on xbox please stop, do some research first before you speak son

Sunny_D1241d ago

It was the second one and MS helped fund the english version for the west.

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TwoForce1242d ago

It need to be because Shenmue 3 need to be succes. Without it, The PS4 and PC can't hold out for long. It's need three strength to boost it.

mikey2011242d ago

Lmao this would be shenmue THREE so what that means in your terms is they are stuck in the past also if it's a 3rd gsme and not a new ip so blew do you even make sense

ManOfTheYear11242d ago

Sales of Shenmue have never been high. With development costs increasing its even more important to ensure a 3rd party, small development team launches on as many platforms as possible.

Seeing that this needed a kickstarter would make it pretty obvious there isn't much demand for the Shenmue title.

DragonDDark1241d ago

LOL You think lots of Xbox owners care about Japanese games? Look at the sales for Japanese games on the xbox. Its not that much compared to PC and Ps4.

itsjustexuma1242d ago

That doesn't mean a Xbox version is confirmed, it means they have to ask Sony about it first

Eterna1Ice1242d ago

Aaand, no one said it was confirmed...

ShowanW1242d ago

Why would they have to ask Sony? You know the exact terms of the contract or something? Don't get me wrong Sony could have a contact drawn out that makes it exclusive (6-12months)

But it would cost them big if they were to go FULL exclusive. And I doubt Sony is willing to go this route.

mEGUSTO1242d ago ShowReplies(1)
urwifeminder1242d ago

Cmon MS slap 30million on the table will still get the pc version but hey would get the xb1 version as well.

OmegaShen1242d ago

Only 30 mill? I think Sony is doing double that, no way this is coming to Xbox when Sony is funding it.

GribbleGrunger1242d ago

Sony isn't funding it. They're only going to promote it.

Aenea1242d ago

@Gribble yeah, because 2 million is more than enough to fund the development of a game these days...

OmegaShen1242d ago

Yeah, because Shenmue is a cheap game to make uh?

Kingdomcome2471242d ago

What Gribble said. I'll ask you this, with your reasoning, do you also not think that ROTTR will come to Playstation?

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