Batman Arkham Knight - Limited Edition PS4 Unboxing

Hollie unboxes the Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition PS4! The gorgeous steel grey console also comes with Issue 0 of the DC Comics Batman Arkham Knight comic book 'Before the Storm' as well as a steel grey DualShock 4.

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masterfox1149d ago

man she has a huge rack.

on topic it looks cool.

crimsonfox1149d ago


On topic, it sure does.

1149d ago
Sarah_Ch1149d ago

Still prefer the white one and MGS 5 edition

LatinGamer2141149d ago

Same here dude. i have the white Ps4:)

xwilldemise1149d ago

This wait is unbearable D= just one more day & mines should be delivered to my door >_<

FullmetalRoyale1149d ago

The wait is unBEARable!

First world problems. ;)