Witcher 3 On Super-Low Settings Reminds of PS2 Games

LowSpecGamer used some external programs to tuneup the game’s files, reducing the volume and quality of the game’s objects to such a ridiculously low extent that the game can run on low specs pc.

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TLG19911002d ago

i think he needed to take his PS2 back if it looked like that.

acekaze1002d ago

Actually no, if the witcher 3 was a ps2 game, those were actually quiet nice graphics for a game with such a huge world.

Compare it with Summoner for exemple.

JsonHenry1002d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

TLG19911002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

now that's bringing in game world sizes. that not being a factor in the "Super-Low Settings Reminds of PS2 Games" visual point of the video.

The summoner didn't flash colours and pop trees in front of you.

a game this size obviously wouldn't run on ps2 so saying that's what it would look like then that's also wrong because you would be looking at a black screen as it wouldn't fit on a dvd for starters.

R6ex1002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

My Witcher 3 game played on a 1440p monitor at lowest in-game visual settings ... guess what? Looks GREAT !!!

Tempest3171002d ago

You're right, summoner didnt flash colours and have pop in...because things didn't pop in. In the bigger maps you could actually watch the game draw ALL the objects as you ran/rotated the camera. Also, the distant background was typically a 2d picture that gave that mirrored the 3d foreground to give the illusion of distant lod and distract from the textures being drawn in. Summoner is one of my favorite rpg's, but graphically it's no comparison to this, even on low.

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Baka-akaB1002d ago

Sure if a ps2 could even run the first Witcher game -_-

aquaticDonut1002d ago

At least it works and doesn't have negative effects on the gameplay. That's what counts.

Grap1002d ago

Man if only my PS2 games looked like..

hollabox1002d ago

It looks closer to Top end Gamecube and Xbox (The original) graphics.

WeAreLegion1002d ago

Yeah. Like Chaos Theory on Xbox.

ninjahunter1002d ago

From the makers of borderlands 2 on vita, witcher 3.... on vita...

WeAreLegion1002d ago

10/10 Would buy, download, and forget to play.

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