The New PS4 (CUH-1200 series) Released Starting Late June Worldwide

A few weeks ago the CUH-12XX PS4 model was discovered, and today Sony Computer Entertainment officially announced its release worldwide.

Only the CUH-12XXa with a 500 gigabites hard disk has been announced so far, but the console sports a 8% reduction in power consumption and a 10% reduction in weight. Unfortunately, the price remains the same.

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GribbleGrunger1152d ago

You could be right. We have this too next month:

traumadisaster1152d ago

I've been waiting until a hardware revision to get another ps4 after I sold mine early on due to making a profit but mostly a huge backlog?

About how many games can I put on a 1tb?
Do I void warranty for diy replacement hd?
Is there any talk of another hardware revision next year with morpheus?

I can wait, funny thing, my backlog has grown.

GribbleGrunger1152d ago

You do not void the warranty for replacing your HDD because the PS4 is designed to do that. AAA titles are between 20gb and 50gb (at the moment) so that space disappears rapidly. The good thing is that you can start playing PS4 games before they're fully installed so it's not really that much of a hassle to simply delete them until they're needed again. That's what I do anyway.

Abriael1152d ago

Announced with the same price.

GribbleGrunger1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

I don't know why you have a disagrees:

JP39,980yen+Tax, US$ 399, EU€ 399

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FallenAngel19841152d ago

When the 500GB PS4 gets a price drop to $350, the Wii U is going to have to also drop price as well or risk looking overpriced as a result

higgins781152d ago

For me, its not about price but more value for money. Yes, the new PS4 price may soon find itself on par with the WiiU's, but I still personally don't consider the PS4 good value - a massive shortfall of games exclusive to that particular console. Its fair to say its best games are still available elsewhere, either PS3 or PC.

NeverHeavyMan1152d ago

A massive "shortfall" of exclusives compared to what, exactly? Doesn't it have MORE games than the PS3 in the same time-frame, in addition to, more games (both exclusive and non-exclusive) than the Xbox One (its closest competitor)? What exactly is the issue for this 1.5 year old machine?

medman1152d ago

Don't bother with facts...some of these poor things can't understand basic logic and reasoning. Best to steer clear entirely.

Magicite1152d ago

WiiU is irrelevant for a while now and will continue to be.

MasterCornholio1152d ago

They could cut the price in October.

Captain_Wormy1152d ago

Right on time for my birthday. New PS4 plus MGSV in a few's too good to be true.

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