The Greens Want Games

The Australian Greens political party has organised a senate inquiry into Video Game development in the country in the hope of promoting government support.

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WelkinCole1152d ago

Way to go greens. Excellent.

Footyspacecadet1152d ago

Nice to see someone over here cares

SpamnJam1152d ago

Can't see any of the muppets in power listening though

BozoLoco1151d ago

The problem though is that The Greens are as much part of the problem as any other government. As a party they advocate for exponential wage growth and their approach to business and industry is damaging to growing sectors like game development. The cost of running a game studio here is just simply too high and even with government handouts it's still an issue. Funding schemes are great for business but at the same time you need industry to stand on its own two feet. The problem is not just the Abbott government scraping funding. The fact we needed a funding program to begin with is the problem. The Greens held a panel at PAX last year and it was all about how developers should create games that act as advocacy to protest the government's cuts. That is an irresponsible way to approach the issue. The Greens should be championing things like low-interest loans, tax relief, etc. etc. They don't do that though. They use the issue for political games.

JoeBloggs1151d ago

Reading this it makes me think that things like Tax relief and Low interest loans are things they will be investigating with this inquiry. That is how it reads to me.

Footyspacecadet1151d ago

This reads like they are looking at all options

“Internationally, companies have experienced strong growth thanks to smart government support and favourable regulatory settings"

JoeBloggs1151d ago

Nice to see something like this happening. It is a multi billion dollar industry that Australia is just ignoring. They could be diving in and making a real dent.