Keeping The Final Fantasy VII Remake And Shenmue III Secret

Kotaku: "Adam Boyes, head of third-party developer relations at PlayStation, told me at E3 that he’s known about Square’s Final Fantasy VII remake for a year. It was a fun secret to keep."

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Rimeskeem880d ago

I'm quite impressed on how well Sony kept those secrets

KwietStorm880d ago

With the amount of leaks in gaming these days, and with the sheer hype you get just from rumors of the remake, you would think this would have been all over the net. Maybe they used that to their advantage, but this was the biggest surprise in years.

mikeslemonade880d ago

Even though I was excited and still am, I rather have a steady flow of leaked announcements year round.

camel_toad880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

Yeh and we were all worried that all of the surprises were spoiled before e3 even started. No one would have honestly ever guessed ff7 remake and shenmue 3 would have been announced. Hoped of course but not actually believed it.

Relientk77880d ago

I'm glad they were able to keep the secrets

NoctisPendragon880d ago

SE did a good job trolling with the PS4 FF VII PC port ,no one could talk about the real remake without bieng labeled as a troll .

FallenAngel1984880d ago

Considering the Sony hack last December, I'm impressed they were able to keep this secret for so long

MasterofMagnetism880d ago

Shenmue 3 was a big surprise but news of FFVII remake was already leaked before E3. It's just that nobody believed it.

Rimeskeem880d ago

So it was a surprise because none of us believed it?

rainslacker879d ago

Reason no one believed it was because it get's "leaked" every year. The leak comes out every year, and there was no way to know if this years report was an actual leak, or someone who happened to be at the right time on the yearly clock. TLG kind of had the same status.

Shenmue 3 has been thrown out there for the past few years due to Yu Suzuki discussing the game going to KS. Last year, I believe it was said that MS was going to show it.

tekksin880d ago

What other secrets does this jolly man bare.