Resident Evil Zero Remaster Hands-on Impressions| PlayStation Enthusiast

Greg from PlayStation Enthusiast got hands-on with the Resident Evil Zero remaster at E3 2015.

He writes:

"At this point, if the final product reflects what I saw there, Capcom will surely have my money."

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Chronos211185d ago

Man, RE0 is the only numbered RE I haven't played. Guess maybe they'll have my money too.

DarkBlood1185d ago

Caption? finally now i can see what i might of miss trying to hear.

this is a day one purchase either way as this is my favorite resident evil next to the 2nd

Articuno761185d ago

Wow. I didn't realise it back then, but these backgrounds have more character/detail/motion in them than REmake's did. Really nice.

_-EDMIX-_1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

annnnnnnnnnnd pants got TIGHT! Can't wait, an easy day 1! Though I already have RE Zero for Gamecube, its 100% worth the second buy as RE2002's remaster was.

2pacalypsenow1185d ago

The Last Real Resident Evil Game

Articuno761185d ago

TBH, after the success of REmake HD and with the relatively low budgets these older-RE style games (compared to the more explosive newer REs) I think it is inevitable that Capcom either go back to this formula, or split the series into two styles.

There's just too much money lying on the ground (money that is low risk to pick up) for them to continue to ignore the classic style.

Artemus1185d ago

RE4's huge success was, paradoxically, the downfall of the series. Don't get me wrong, I love RE4, but Capcom's attempts to replicate that game's success (focus on action and shooting instead of survival and exploration) is what made the series stray away from its roots.

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