FF7 Remake: Scenes We're Looking Forward To in HD

Eyes on FF: "So it's happening! Final Fantasy VII, minus the block arms and lack of mouths. It's going to be in HD up there on our big screen TV's, Barret in all of his gun-armed glory, Aerith in all of her... getting stabbed, Cid and his Goddamn tea. So what scenes are we most looking forward to seeing?"

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Bebedora1219d ago

I can see a bomb squad of these news terrorists, destroying the whole game experience before release.

People need to drink their cool-aid and let it go for a while.

ameliabaz1218d ago

Scenes I'm looking forward to:

- Midgar pillar collapsing
- Cloud crossdressing
- The Nibelheim fire
- The entire City of the Ancients/Unknown Capital section
- Safer Sephiroth
- The Sunken Gelnika monsters
- The fucked up Hojo battle
- Tifa slap fight with Scarlet
- Sister Ray!

I've probably forgotten tonnes of great moments. But these are the first ones that popped to mind.