Top 5 Things That Need To Be Fixed Or Improved In The Witcher 3

Here are 5 issues that still plague the game and if they get fixed, we'd end up with a much-improved experience. Get on these, CD Projekt Red!

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dreamoner1149d ago

1. Fix that finicky underwater swimming

It was worse, after the patches its a lot better.

2. Either give us fewer missions or award less experience for certain missions

You can't fix this for all players without level scaling monsters/quests.

3. Drowners. WTF.

Well, I don't mind them.

4. Okay, where the HELL are the armorers and blacksmiths in Novigrad?

In Novigrad it's pretty easy to remember where they are but other places not so much, icons not disappearing would be nice.

5. How many do I have, damnit?

Agree completely.

jackanderson19851149d ago

really drowners? they're not that hard to defeat... if you get surround, roll out the way, throw an igni and slash and dodge then

Chard1149d ago

Sounds like if they improved the combat then the game would be just about perfect.

Maybe give pc version the option to use the original graphics

Taero1149d ago

I have to agree with the XP comment for quests, my quests are overflowing (I haven't even gone to skellige yet I'm still frantically trying to finish up all the storylines I have in the air, half of them are green or grey. Some quests gave me 500xp for completing them, that's like 1/3 of a level, add on the xp from doing partial checkpoints and actually killing things, and having a modifier relic etc. and you level up pretty damn fast.

I think in part this is one of the reasons why enemies continue to kick your ass, I think they must be doing some kind of % based damage modifier that doesn't take into account your level? So drowners must have a large modifier whereas wolves are more just an annoyance and don't feature into quests much so they just have base damage which you end up outleveling. Or maybe the armour type has some effect on monsters?