Why PS4 Will Never Have Backward Compatibility

ASidCast: "This year at E3 2015 Bethesda, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, EA and Square Enix all had surprises in store for us. Some were brand new franchises, others were re-invented games. This year’s E3 will go down in history as one of the most competitive one ever. Slowly however as all that hot fuzz from E3 2015 is subsiding, and people finally came to their senses; hype was replaced by questions. Why was Shenmue 3 a kickstarter on Sony’s stage? When is the Final Fantasy VII remake actually going to release? When will PS4 get its Backward Compatibility?

While I don’t know the answer to the first 2 questions, I can hazard a guess at the 3rd. The answer is never."

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uth111002d ago

I really don't think it matters. BC is something you use to entice early adopters when your native game library is small. But now players will upgrade because last-gen titles are drying up.

Lack of BC didn't stop PS4s from flying off the shelves at launch. The Wii U came with BC, but that didn't help it's sales much

marlinfan101002d ago

Who cares if it increases sales? It's a great feature that'll eventually give people the option to play 100s of old games that they already own or will be able to pick up for really cheap, and you're here worried about sales lol. Too funny.

I've seen people ask for BC and remakes all generation and now that MS has given a viable option, people find something negative about it

Only on n4g....

StrayaKNT1002d ago

Dude people want less games now lmao that's a first. They also don't want to play old games anymore but they want ff 7 lmaoooo some people just make things way too obvious. Microsoft has won the console war with bc and if sony wants to compete, they better do it as well.

nucky641002d ago

there already is 2 options to play those hundreds of old games - it's called a ps3 and x360

Utalkin2me1002d ago

Sorry my PS3 plays my PS3 games, im good.

Izzy4081001d ago

Hear, hear. One bubble for you, well said.

Ravenheartzero1001d ago

'microsoft has won the console war'... That's as delusional as it gets. Final fantasy 7 remake is not on ps3.

It's great players will be able to play older games on their xone, hoping tales of vesperia and lost odyssey will be available.

I still have my ps1,2 and 3 so BC isn't a big deal for me personally regarding Playstation, as soon as Tales of zestiria was confirmed for ps4 my ps3 was put to sleep, plus being able to emulate on pc helps too.

mikeslemonade1001d ago

BC usually means extra cost, so I rather not have it.

Now the X1 has it coming for free after launch, but you have to wait for your games to be ready. That's pretty lame that you have to download the game and wait for the game to be compatible. The X1 at this rate won't be fully BC until the end of the generation.

xxLuckyStrike1001d ago

Wrong MS said to have around 100 X360 titles running by holiday when the app actually launches. But yeah, right now im not seeing $hit. I own gears3 halo c.e. crysis metro 2033 ect..

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MasterCornholio1002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

Lack of BC didn't stop the PS4 from outselling the Wii U and the same will happen with the XB1.

While a nice feature it isn't the game changer that people are claiming. I doubt it will have a massive impact on sales. Software features rarely do.

What will sell the system the most are the games. And that's what Microsoft needs to focus on.

P.S I'm not against the feature at all I actually think it's great and would love it on my PS4. But I don't believe it's as big as some people think it is.

1002d ago
MasterCornholio1002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )


I'm more of a gamer than you'll ever be.

I just accept the facts for what they are.

There's no point in crying over a feature that isn't possible on the system.

Besides if you took time to read my comments you'll see that I do believe that BC is a nice feature but if it isn't possible it just isn't possible.

I don't see why I have to remain bitter over something like that and spend countless hours demanding an impossible feature from Sony. Which is why in extremely mad at those that decided to go with the Cell in the PS3. If they went with X86 or a simpler power PC architecture we would be enjoying BC on our systems.

jcnba281001d ago

Sounds like a lot of damage control to me.

What does it matter whether it's a game changer or not? They feature would we awesome to have on PS4.

PS4 is the only console this gen now that doesn't offer it so they need to look into it.

GameForever1001d ago

Backwards compatibility has never been the reason I have bought a new console and I have bought them all including an Xbox One and I bought before they announced BC.

kneon1001d ago


Having worked on plenty of porting between disparate architectures I don't think it's impossible to add BC to the ps4. You probably wouldn't use a typical emulator, transcoding of some kind will likely work better.

But it's unlikely to be worth the effort this late in the generation.

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FACTUAL evidence1002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

Sadly, nothing ever matters if it isn't on a sony platform. It's funny how good ideas are asinine if sony does not have it. It's a shame sony would rather charge you to stream your whole backlog, especially when you are a loyal customer. I literally have over 100 ps3 games that i'd love to play on my ps4. So i guess games i haven't really got to play yet like, the puppeteer, nino kuni, the tales series, ico/shadow of the collosus are all irrelevent now since ps4 is out.

Cupid_Viper_31002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

I'm with you man. I'm actually very upset at Sony atm because they made sure to break into my house and kill my PS3 shortly after the PS4 came out. now I have this huge library of PS3 games that I can't play...sniff sniff.. Leave Britney aloooone!

But all jokes aside though, I really wish there was a some sort of way out there for people to play their PS3 games. I'm going to call Sony and ask why isn't there a way for people out there to play their PS3 games. In my opinion that is ludicrous and Sony SHOULD be held accountable.

BC for the XBox One is not out right now but at least for the Xbox 360 owners out there, there is hope that soon they will be able to play their Xbox 360 games. Some of them can't wait to play Gears of War, while playing Gears of War remastered. Yes! an inception WITHIN an inception my friend! It's kind of like how with Oculus Rift on Xbox one, you can sit in your living room and put on the headset and simulate you sitting in a room playing video games. A weird paradox, but a megaton nonetheless!

A quick little pole; How many people would choose BC over Shareplay? just curious...

ltachiUchiha1002d ago

Go buy a ps3 that has BC, its cheaper then a ps4. Problem solved.

MasterCornholio1002d ago


Sure and while your at it you can raise an army called the BC Salvation Army and invade Sonys headquarters. Maybe you can use the dark sorcerer to magically install BC compatibility into our systems.


I think you would have learned something from NaughtyDog but you didn't. And that's the fact that it's extremely difficult to get PS3 games to work on the PS4 due to the difference in architecture. That's probably why we will never get it. If anyone's to blame its crazy Ken and his wonderful Cell processor.

masterfox1002d ago

Will wait for the "And why I will never care" article :D

1002d ago
KingPin1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

i can tell you why i will never care.....

because i dont have a fast enough internet line to download 8GBs in a few hours or even a few weeks. on top of that to download 30-40 games, yeah, its never going to happen. and when i do get a fast enough internet line in my area, chances are the Xone will be obsolete.

so yeah, even if i was to get a xone, its a feature i know i wont use....ever.

dont get me wrong though, im just one, i know some people that have fast internet who will make use of the feature, and it is a great feature to have. but yeah, for me BC or lack of it on the PS4 is not a deal breaker. im pretty happy with mines.

Team_Litt1002d ago

Same naysayers are celebrating Prototype being remastered for PS4! I mean -___- !!

It's the most requested feature on the Xbox forums and yet some people claim it's an irrelevant feature. They claim it's no longer needed so far into the generation because the new consoles have more games now...remastered games!

Let's also not forget that there are still millions of late adopters, the majority of gamers in fact, who have yet made the jump to gen now and being able to play hundreds of games that you already own for free on your new console is a great incentive to upgrade.

The same naysayers jizzed themselves over PSNow as a way to play PS3 games again (for a fee with lag and Internet dependency) and now are claiming it's for newcomers who don't necessarily have consoles. I mean come on! You hypocrites just love flipping the script so that it fits the narrative that gives you comfort.

If people want to continue paying for ways to play what they already own then kudos to them, PSNow and remastered games are for them. Just don't try minimize the importance of being able to play RDR or Skyrim again for free on the Xbox One.

bmwfanatic1002d ago

O so that's how you get one bubble.

IrishSt0ner1001d ago

Yup, make a fair point that is not favourable towards a certain company.

OT: It clearly would be possible via online streaming or verification (similar to how MS does it), but I really don't see Sony investing in a feature that will kill thier paid streaming service.

Microsoft would not have released this feature if they had the 2:1 lead... These companies respect for you only extends as far as your wallet.

DevilOgreFish1002d ago

Not advertising pc but it's a platform where you needn't ask or wait for such a feature. All PCs can go back in time no matter the tflops and hardware.

mxguy931002d ago

I think BC is good but I think the timing is a bit off. It would have been better at launch but now with all these big games about to come out. Next gen is finally gonna feel like next gen

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