Hirai: Microsoft boasts don't add up

MCV: Sony boss fires back at Don Mattrick's claim that Xbox 360 will outsell PS3 this generation

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masterofpwnage3769d ago

its funny how it seem his is being nice, but he is really making fun of MS with the whole xbox thing.

its like he is saying that the 360 wont live past this generation.

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mistertwoturbo3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )


That's not being nice man, those are fightin' words lol

thereapersson3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Reported as offensive. There is no need for that in the gamer zone.

Take his bubbles as well.

mikeslemonade3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

5 years or 10 years it don't matter. PS3 will have the lead in 2 years. Kaz Harai will smash the doubters at TGS.

solidt123769d ago

To me it sounds like he is implying that Microsoft will only sell the Xbox 360 for another year and if thats the case yeah they might sell more in Microsoft's 360 life cycle but not in PS3's life cycle. He also points out that maybe Microsoft just told on themselves and will stop selling Xbox 360's soon and bring out a new console in 2010. I really think the 360 is toward the end of its life cycle. Especially after hearing them make statements like that.

mikeslemonade3769d ago

PS3 will have a larger install base by the end of next year. I doubt Microsoft Gaming Studios will bring the next xbox next year because 1. They are too confident right now with the 360 2. They always touted about lowering the 360 to $200. It will take them more than a year to get to that price point.

Chuck Norris3768d ago

Kaz actually got it all wrong. The X360's lifecycle is only as long as its extended warranty.

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umair_s513769d ago

Ps3 may outsell 360 in the long run but its not gonna be as emphatic as last generation.i mean the Ps2

peksi3769d ago

And it's gonna be interesting to see what happens when the next xbox comes out.

By then PS3 will have the court for a while attracting new games with large customer base while new xbox will have the most gorgeous games. It comes down to the customer if it's worth another purchase to get the latest thing. And it comes down to Microsoft on how much they dare spend $$$ to push the new games to attract new customers.

Very interesting to see what happens.

Shadow Flare3769d ago

Xbox 360 is selling more then xbox was last gen. But ps3 is selling just as well as ps2 last gen. There's no reason ps3 won't smash the 100 million sold mark again. Especially when it hits a good price, because the things ps3 can do smash the competition. People already realise that because even though ps3 has always been more expensive then 360, it outsells it continously. Hirai stated a while ago, they have a target of 150 million total ps3's sold. They seem confident enough. I somehow doubt 360 will get to the 100 million mark, i severely doubt that

n4gzz3769d ago

xbox 720 or they name it, might come out within 2 yrs but i just can't stop thinking that game price might around 80. That would be too much money to pay for one game.

Ps3Fanboy7773769d ago

It was really messed up what they said during there press conference. They are suppose to be professionals & business men/women not talking like some fanboys posting on a website.

It made them look horrible.

Stryfeno13769d ago

It is just business...That is how they operate.

syanara3768d ago

looks like the big boys are having a console war lol


I think that by the end of 2009 the 360 will be in the lead ever so slightly over the PS3 (the Wii will still be owning all).

The next year or so will see them neck and neck what with price cuts etc - 2010/2011 and then i think the new consoles will be released.

After this time i would have thought that Sony would overtake MS in sales of the PS3 vs 360 2012+.

By then MS will still be supporting the 360 but a mass majority of their efforts will be in the 720 - or whatever its gonna be called........

ThatCanadianGuy3769d ago

Jedi huh? arent you the same rabid fanboy always in the open zone?

anyways..pretty flawed logic you got there.
PS3 will be neck and neck till 2012 you say?

how tho?..when they closed the 10 million gap to 5 million
in one year,with "No games" there just starting to release there
AAA titles now,along with HOME. did you take that into consideration?

And with the consistent PS3 sales over 360.dont be surprised if it's ahead of moneysoft's console by the end of 09.

ChampIDC3769d ago

If only they spent more time figuring out how to sell more and less time saying they're going to beat the competition...

mistertwoturbo3769d ago

Well Microsoft is pretty arrogant for putting that at E3. However, Hirai's comments are a bit arrogant too, but one part of it makes sense. By "this generation" does Microsoft mean 5 years? 10 years? If Microsoft's 360 outsells Sony in 10 years, then yes. Hirai has to eat his own words and MS prevails.

But who honestly can look that far in the future? Not even Sony or Microsoft can predict such things.

So in conclusion, both are arrogant.

Superfragilistic3769d ago

MS & Sony may both predict they're going to win, but nobody's as bold as Kaz claiming 150m PS3's in ten years! lol

beavis4play3769d ago

remember the E3 '05 press conference from microsoft? J. Allard and Peter Moore said (at that conference)360 will have 1 billion gamers on live during 360s lifetime. that's more outrageous. one billion? i saw geoff keighly, morgan webb,adam sessler making fun of ms for that.
and i do think that's way more outrageous than hirais' commments. although kaz should have considered the 150 mil. an aspiration rather than a guarantee.

Superfragilistic3769d ago

Not a poor memory mate, just never knew that! Frickin ridiculous lol

Anyways thanks for informing me and can you post me a link I can check out? Preferably one that shows Sessler having a field day, as he tends to shoot pretty straight with his rants!

Good thing Moore and Allard don't speak on MS behalf like that anymore! :)

mistertwoturbo3768d ago

So both companies are guilty of making crazy statements.

But I like Sony's "We're sticking to supporting our first party studios and we have this, this, and that game only on our system"

opposed to Microsofts "YEAHHH BISSHHESSS!!! We got that game on our platform now!!! WooHoo console wars over!!!" attitude.

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