‘Halo 5’ Spartan Locke Gets A New Voice Actor, Ike Amadi Replaces Mike Colter

Some unheralded Halo 5: Guardians news came out of E3 this week amidst the flood of other announcements and videos. Mike Colter was quietly replaced as the voice actor for Spartan Locke, the leader of Fireteam Osiris and the other playable lead character in the Xbox One exclusive.

Veteran voice actor Ike Amadi has replaced Colter as the voice of Spartan Locke in Halo 5. His IMDb page was updated to reflect the change and also shows that he’s been providing voices in video games since 2008. He’s done work for Mass Effect 3, Grand Theft Auto V, and Knack, among others.

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-Foxtrot1033d ago

This is interesting. I wonder why?

I keep hoping Locke is going to be interesting but after watching Nightfall and seeing the clips of Locke in the game he just looks so uninteresting.

It's going to be one of those things when playing I'll want to get back to Chief.

I really don't think this game should of had two characters. If they wanted another I don't see why they didn't revolve the second story around the Arbiter to track Chief down like the UNSC wanted it to be a "off the books" mission or something.

I hope we get some solo missions with Chief/Locke aswell. I don't want to remain with the Squad mates the entire time...I always liked the "Me vs the World" vibe.

raggy-rocket1033d ago

I think the 2 character choice was good in terms of the plot. The fact that Chief is seen as a hero and a traitor is supplemented by the 2 perspectives to add more to the characters than typical good guy/bad guy.

I'm with you on solo missions. Squads can be annoying and solo play can feel great e.g end of halo 1

-Foxtrot1033d ago

If they wanted two characters fine but they had the Arbiter with it being their franchise now and they are the ones to make up the story they could have easily gotten the Arbiter in there like Halo 2.

Is there not an option for the Squad thing in the main game? Anyone?

They aren't going to actually force you to be with AI bots.

Co-op has been done before but I've always liked it as it dosen't force it in story wise. Your friends are just random Spartens.

Now all of a sudden they are adding in story points for your squad mates. Sorry but if it's forced in I'm going to be a little disappointed, makes the game too easy for single player guys who enjoy the game for it's story.

shloobmm31033d ago

The Arbiter wouldn't have made sense, Chief is a friend and ally to The Arbiter so last thing he would do is track him down and consider him a traitor to the UNSC.

raggy-rocket1033d ago

We might play as the Arbiter once or twice, they're being quite tight-lipped about this

And as long as the AI is competent enough I see no problem, and as far as I'm concerned, the story is centered around the chief and his traitor/hero status, the squad are just gunmen.

-Foxtrot1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )


I think you are forgetting it's their story, they could easily find a way why he's tracking him down. I wouldn't underestimate 343.

What about if the Arbiter accepts because he KNOWS they'll just get someone else to track him down...I mean it's logical they would get someone else if he did reject it...OR what if he puts himself forward for the same reason. So he decides to do it for them so he can hopefully warn Chief and help him from the shadows as he looks into the whole thing himself. Then at the end he'll work along with him...something which is obviously going to happen here with Chief and Locke.

It's not that hard to come up with a good reason to include him. That's one possibility out of many.


"And as long as the AI is competent enough I see no problem"

It's not about the AI being competent, it's the fact that if you want to play solo they'll still tag along shooting things for you and having your back the entire way making it easier for you.

Like I said it's why I liked the co-op in past games as it didn't punish you for playing it by yourself and giving you help you don't want.

There should be an off switch.

4Sh0w1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

"I think you are forgetting it's their story"

-Very good point, and I think you shouldn't forget that either because essentially ALL your criticism of the game seems very artificial. I mean Im not saying you're right or wrong but your comments just sound like "Well if I was making Halo5, I wouldn't do it like this....I'd do it like this". Easy for you to say because you like me are on the sidelines and we don't ever have to answer to millions of picky fans.

I personally think 343 are doing an outstanding job with the direction of Halo5's story concept and new gameplay features, and judging from the vast majority of fans on dedicated Halo forums thay love it too. It seems you are critical of generally the kinds of changes/additions they are making which I think favor progress & expansion of the franchise. I prefer it rather than the "keep it exactly like the old Halo vibe" your comments imo seem to be suggesting. If I were a betting man, I think it would be a easy win that if Halo5 wasn't trying to expand on past Halo games like 343 are doing then we would hear a large vocal cries from many Halo fans AND of course detractors alike screaming something along the lines of "they arent progressing, just following exactly in Bungies footsteps". Microsoft pours tons of pre-development research into what Halo fans want to see in the next Halo,(Ive received past surveys myself) which is why most Halo fans are pleased with these additions.

I appreciate 343 advancing and doing new things, the Beta was enough to ensure me that the old Halo5 gameplay is there wrapped up in some very nice little tweaks that made it feel familiar AND very refreshing dose of Halo that Iam going to be enjoying for years to come.

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ChrisChambers1032d ago

I just read on Neogaf that Colter is face, other guy is voice..Id link a screenshot if it would let me, but apparently has to do with Colters schedule for another project

Dyldog691033d ago

Now all Locke needs to do is pay child support get a g.e.d. and stop selling crack

Software_Lover1033d ago

If you stop buying, he will stop selling.

Fin_The_Human1032d ago

OMG greatest come back ever.

Dyledog please apply cold water.

ManAnimalX1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

@Dyldog69 @Software_Lover

But You not Racist right?

Ok. And I've reported you both, smh.

Software_Lover1033d ago

........ My comment was racists? It was a response aimed at the original poster.

In the words of Bill Maher you guys need to learn how to take a joke. He made a derogative remark I (attempted it seems) to flip it back on him.

Now I see why Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld says America can't take jokes anymore.

C L O U D1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )


I understood your reply,

But I feel most people think that comment shouldn't be encouraged to banter with.

This site particularly, it seems very strict on these type of things

Software_Lover1033d ago

@ Cloud

I agree. I should have just downvoted and kept it moving, but I chose to engage.

Will use better judgement next time.

Blaze9291033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

Jesus Christ - with all that's going on these days, do you REALLY need to bring racist remarks like that into videogames too? Sad

Immorals1033d ago

There's a time and a place for comments like that, and it's in a burning cabin in the middle of the Arctic where nobody will ever hear you.

Software_Lover1033d ago

Don't call the one in Washington.......... too soon?

3ndulg31033d ago

I wonder what you would do if the actor that plays locke showed up at your door.Let me guess call the cops.

PlayableGamez1032d ago

I feel so wrong laughing at this.

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Immorals1033d ago

If Locke doesn't say "Don't tell me what I can't do!" at least once, I will be hugely disappointed. (I'm a huge Lost fan)

Blaze9291033d ago

I must say, I'm happy about all these lead African-American roles on the rise in videogames. A very good look!

C L O U D1033d ago

Hopefully more diversity,

Very few character designers stand out in the industry

Khajiit861033d ago

I dunno, Lamar and Franklin pull some crazy shyt... lol jk

Diversity is great, I love seeing female leads as well like Horizon.

annoyedgamer1032d ago

Nah the female leads are kind of boring and they are not new either. Prefect Dark, Tomb Raider and Kameo anyone? All were shelved for a reason.

But I definately love the black dudes. Cole Train baby! Best character in Gears in my opinion. Also should mention the Arbitur is voiced by a black guy too. And he is the most interesting character in the Halo universe.

3ndulg31033d ago

Yes agreed.We just need to get rid of all the inferior racists demons the world will be a better place.

Halo2ODST21031d ago

Halo 2 has more black leads than halo 5, this isn't new, we already have diversity in games!

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TwoForce1033d ago

Oh my god, seriously ? The Racism ? Just Stop.

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