Batman: Arkham Knight Leaked In the Middle East: But Do You Really Want It?

Batman: Arkham Knight has been available to various users in the Middle East as early as the beginning of June 2015 but at the cost of potential censorship.

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TeeKay1192d ago

i wonder how they do this..and no one does a single thing about it? if its censored, then i am better off waiting for the 23rd.

Maltaze1192d ago

Simple economics: nobody cares if everyone gets to line their purses at the end of the day.

Software_Lover1192d ago

I got my CDkey last night. Can't wait to play it (but I've been grinding in Destiny lol).

PaleMoonDeath1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Slightly off topic.. only 24 hours left till it's ready to play digitally, but the pre-load option still hasn't come up in the UK? weird.

Edit: PS4 version btw!

Maltaze1192d ago

Reminds me of Civ 5 : Beyond Earth. They delayed it by almost 2-3 hours due to a steam bug. The most frustruating crap ever.

PaleMoonDeath1192d ago

Is it still not available to download for you too? this is quite frustrating, I want to have the full thing downloaded by tomorrow, with all the pre-order bonuses etc.

matrixman921192d ago

I have the PC version and we are also still waiting for preload. Quite annoying

matrixman921192d ago

its been leaked in a lot of places in the US as well. Have seen a great number of copies found in the wild in New York and Los Angeles